iKON “취향저격 (My Type)” MV/Song review~

I watched WIN: Who Is Next?, but I couldn’t bring myself to watch ‘mix and match’ – (I think that’s what it was called, don’t hold me on that). WIN made me cry so much and I just felt so sorry for the Team B and I couldn’t bring myself to watch them struggle through another “survival” programme.

Therefore I am super happy for their comeback! I have seen a few performances here and there from the survival show and individual performances and collabs which makes me really excited to see what these boys have to offer!

Here’s my interpretation and thoughts:

The Story:

The story from the MV was pretty simple, the members all see a beautiful girl and then start talking about preferences and what they like in a girl. I thought there was also an element of going a date and preparing.

wpid-screenshot_2015-09-21-12-56-46.png wpid-screenshot_2015-09-21-12-56-36.png

So I looked at the lyrics (here) and it’s more that they talk about how they like the girl and how the things they see about her are their types (I realise that makes more sense now).

Basically it’s about how a man finds literally everything about a women attractive, even if they haven’t spoken two words to each other yet (which could be true of many female drama leads :p *crossover* haha idk).

The Visuals:

wpid-screenshot_2015-09-21-12-55-02.pngI really enjoyed the visual production of this MV. It had a cute, fresh look. One which I actually was not expecting when I found out iKON had realised a music video. Although this is a nice end of summer, feel good song, and this is only the warm up, so who know what YG has planned!

The scene changes were good, and I enjoyed the kind of young man/boy charm the video had. The colour palette that they used for scenes and outfits was great and helped give that enjoyment factor as well.

wpid-screenshot_2015-09-21-12-55-54.png wpid-screenshot_2015-09-21-12-58-06.png

Also, to be honest, I knew I loved the music video as soon as the dog appeared! That dog was so cute!! :3 ♥ Also, idols and eating. I just hope the food was actually hot and good!


I’m going to apologise to anyone I am probably going to offend right now, I only know Hanbin and Bobby… Is Jaehwan a person?… wait, no ‘Jinhwan’? I will learn their names at some point… sorry *cries*

Okay, now that is out the way, I’ll talk about the song. It has several good elements, the different paces of the rap Hanbin (B.I) does throughout are great and he has a lot of potential! Then Bobby has a great technique and good rhythm.

The pacing of the song is great and is enjoyable to listen to, especially while watching the music video. I think together, they work very well.

wpid-screenshot_2015-09-21-12-58-51.pngThe vocalists were great. But I did feel we had a lot of Bobby and Hanbin, but that makes sense for me, as they are the “main” attractions I would say for iKON right now. I will say that the blonde one (in the middle *sorry*) was very good, as was the one sat on the left of him… (gosh I really do need to learn their names!!) 

Overall the song had a great sound and the rhythm, transitions between the singers and styles was also good too. YG may not have many artists or male groups, but they always have high standards (in my opinion).

The Dance:

wpid-screenshot_2015-09-21-12-57-02.pngThere wasn’t a dance per say, but I just wanted to talk about the little dance parts/shuffles in the video. There was a very fresh attitude to the video, which was partly due to how comfortable they all seemed and comfortable with each other.

This scene was great, Bobby has a great fluidity and cockiness (but the good kind) in his movements and behaviour.

The smaller group movements reminded me of Big Bang and some of their videos. It wpid-screenshot_2015-09-21-13-06-00.pnggives quite a relaxed feel to the music video and is rather fitting for iKON’s style and fits the song type as well.

Talking of relaxed and comfortable, I will admit that Hanbin looks pretty awkward here, bless him ♥

Star Ratings:

Understandable Story-line: 4.5/5☆

Video Production: 4.5/5☆

Vocals: 5/5☆

Overall Package: 9/10☆

Once again, I apologise for the monstrosity that the vocals section is haha ^^”

wpid-screenshot_2015-09-21-12-54-23.png On a final note, look at how fabulous they all look. Especially Hanbin! He’s working that pose haha :p

Thank you for reading~


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