‘14.09.15 – 20.09.15’ – I’m actually happy with myself and motivated for more! \(^o^)/

Picture25 editedI didn’t do everything that I had specifically planned to do in my last blog update post. However, because of motivation and being a little busy last week, not to mention my laptop dying and then having mental breakdowns after it got a new hard-drive and was resurrected from the dead (but my baby is back!! And it still sounds like a plane engine, but it’s back and mine!)

*cough* Anyway… I managed to do a recap and several smaller posts last week. I hope you enjoyed what I put out and here is what I have planned for this week:


  • I Order You
  • Episode 4
  • Episode 5
  • Scholar Who Walks The Night
  • Episode 5


  • Liar Game
  • Episodes 9&10
  • Episode 11

MV/Song Reviews:

  • SNSD/Girls Generation – “Lion Heart”
  • Hyukoh – “WI ING WI ING”

I realise that this is a lot, but I feel motivated right now to get doing things. Also, as I am not sure how the following weeks will look and therefore won’t know when I can put things on here, I wanted to do as much before I moved into my university halls.

Thank you for reading~


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