‘07.09.15 – 13.09.15’ Things Will Go To Plan!!

Things have not being going well for me, but even so I have vowed to get some things done for this blog this week!Picture25 edited

I’m going to try and do things on my phone and also using my dad’s laptop (the clunky dinosaur!).

Here are my plans:

☆ Top 5 Romances (done already today)
☆ Top 3 Drama Types


☆ Scholar Who Walks The Night Episode 4
☆ I Order You Episode 4


☆ Liar Game Episode 9&10

Hopefully I can get most of this done. To be honest I have a lot of determination which may mean I might actually complete everything on this list!

Thank you for reading~

I also want to thank all the people who left supportive messages to me! It means so much and makes me want to create content and to better my writing/recapping skills ♡♡♡


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