I May Be Forced Into Hiatus By My Dying Laptop… T.T

Last week I was super pumped to actually complete the tasks for this blog and I was (sort of) on track to completing most of the recaps.



                                                          Why does technology hate me so much?

My laptop then decides it doesn’t want to turn on. Therefore I spent most of the latter half of last week without my laptop and now, even though it does work, my dad doesn’t think it will last very long as the hard drive is basically dead… *cries*

This means I have lost basically everything which was on this stupid piece of technology…

I may try to do a few recaps on my phone or when my laptop is more stable and doesn’t keep warning me that it may shut off suddenly at any point! But for now it looks like I may not be able to upload anything for a while T.T

I’m sorry. This blog is so inconsistent *cries*

Thank you for reading~


6 thoughts on “I May Be Forced Into Hiatus By My Dying Laptop… T.T

  1. Hope you get things rolling again soon! Thing is, I blog from my phone the most! But mostly the short posts. WordPress has an app for Android, Blackberry and Apple devices, which means I can stay blogging even on the go. Maybe not for the longer posts like recaps, but for a summary, review or simple article, I find blogging on my phone much less hassle! I just make sure I have the images I need (if required) and I’m all set!

    I look forward to seeing you posting again asap *cheers*

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    • Thank you so much! That’s the great thing about blogging, people have their own ways of doing things, sadly I need a huge screen or I’ll hit something I don’t mean to haha ^^” I should be able to post soon, I’ve apprehended my dad’s laptop, but it’s clunky and slow *cries* but thank you so much for the support ❤

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