24.08.15 – 30.08.15 – Where I Cry About Last Week And Try To Set Realistic Goals…

Picture25 editedLast week was once again pretty dismal… I accomplished two recaps. But! I was busy with going out with my friend and having a 2yr old in my home (ah visits from relatives). Also, my motivation for just about anything wasn’t great either.

I’m sorry for being such a inconsistent blogging space, but in the next few weeks I plan to get a routine going as I start University in 3 weeks time (O.O) and want to keep this blog running ♥

Today I have the peace and tranquillity of being home alone as my dad and his wife are driving her family home, which means I can focus solely on my wordpress today ^^

This week I plan to do the following recaps:

  • I Order You Episodes 3 and 4 (this drama is so cute and I’m thoroughly enjoying the main female lead’s character♥)
  • Scholar Who Walks The Night Episodes 4 and 5 (I will do more of these! I have loved it so far. Darn you motivation, stop leaving me T.T)

I also plan to review episodes 7 and 8 of Liar Game.

Thank you for reading~


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