“17.08.15 – 23.08.15” – I’m Still Lamenting At How Useless I Was Last Week T.T


Last week was abysmal. I basically didPicture25 edited nothing…

I thought I would write down what I have planned (recap/review wise). It is mostly for my benefit, but it’s also to show you all what I have planned.

So, here goes:

  1. I Order You – Recaps for episode 1 and 2
  2. Scholar Who Walks The Night – Recap for episode 4
  3. I Remember You – Recap for episode 5
  4. Liar Game – Review for episode 7 and 8

I haven’t really planned for a lot and I know I probably shouldn’t start recapping a new drama when I am so far behind on the ones I’ve started already…. but I am planning in the next few weeks to only focus on SWWTN, I Remember You and I Order You and Liar Game (JDrama).

Also, I’m going to the zoo on Wednesday with my best friend!! I’m so excited :3 And I have my dad’s wife’s daughter and granddaughter down, but I will try my hardest to actually get something done on here haha ^^”

Thank you for reading ^^




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