I Remember You (Episode 1) Recap~

Wow, this was such an explosive opening to a drama! I thoroughly enjoyed the switches from present day and the past, they were done very well. Even though the backstory was more the centre than most of the characters, we got a nice feel for the majority of them anyway. I would also like to say that Do Kyungsoo impressed me so much with his acting.

I’m definitely looking forward to what this drama has to offer!

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Midnight’s Girl (Episode1) Recap~

This being my first webdrama I was pretty excited to watch the first episode. Overall, I am very pleased. The plot seems interesting, as do the main characters. It also helps that they are both two absolutely beautiful people! The editing is rather cute and quirky, as are the music choices. It was also a little more creepy than I thought it would be, but I’m very excited to continue watching.

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