I Remember You (Episode 1) Recap~

Wow, this was such an explosive opening to a drama! I thoroughly enjoyed the switches from present day and the past, they were done very well. Even though the backstory was more the centre than most of the characters, we got a nice feel for the majority of them anyway. I would also like to say that Do Kyungsoo impressed me so much with his acting.

I’m definitely looking forward to what this drama has to offer!

“Every Child’s Story Begins With His Parents”.

We open the episode watching a computer screen. The user, a “David Lee”, looks Picture1through an email continuing an incident report of a murdered woman in Bangbae-Dong.

The camera pans out to show the room. In voiceover he talks about how every story has a beginning and an end. He tells us that his story has a beginning, but has been on pause. However, someone he doesn’t know has caused his story to begin again.

Present Day

At a police station, a conversation is cut short by Cha Ji An (Jang Nara) who says that there has been another murder. Even though the team don’t know if this crime is connected to the Bangbae-Dong murder, they have to look into similarities, and it could be possible that they are looking for a serial killer. They also talk about how they will be undoubtedly met by their new Team Leader at the crime scene.

Picture3 Picture2

The team walk into the crime scene at Dohwa-Dong and are confronted with a man already there, however they come to the conclusion that he must be the new Team Leader. Lee Hyun (Seo In Guk) jumps straight in and tells them that the person who killed the Bang-bae-Dong woman is the same culprit. He goes on to say that this one is interesting because it doesn’t have the same signature, to which the team are confused about, as they didn’t find one at Bangbae-Dong.

Hyun then asks if he can take a look at the suspect list and this causes the team to look at each and they begin to explain that because there is no strong evidence there aren’t any suspects.

Picture6 Picture5

Hyun then tells the team that the two victims owned a yacht and had a captain’s license, or at least knew someone who does. He then begins to profile the criminal, however Ji An is not paying attention at all. Instead she is thinking about how long she has waited for him to appear in front of her.

We are then greeted by another attractive face, Kang Eunhyuk (Lee Chun Hee). He introduces himself as the Team Leader, much to the confusion of the team. With their eyes off Hyun, he disappears, and the team look for him in the apartment to no avail. Ji An then runs out of the apartment to find him.

The rest of the team that are left behind, wonder who Hyun was and the Picture4suggestion that he could have been the criminal comes up and MyeongWoo and SeungJoo run out of the apartment. MyeongWoo then comes rushing back and tells EunBok to check Eunhyuk’s ID as they don’t know who he is either, much to Eunhyuk’s shock and confusion.

Ji An watches Hyun get into a taxi and says that he isn’t going to get away that easily, so she runs after the taxi. MyeongWoo and SeungJoo are right behind her, they say they should run after the taxi, however, they simply stand and pant haha.

While in the taxi, Hyun begins to play with Ji An, who he can see in the side mirror. He tells the driver to slow down and then speed up again several times.

Picture7 After turning a corner she runs right into him and we get a pulling back scene, although it’s hardly romantic. Hyun wants to know how she knew his name to shout out.

Strangely their connection is that they met once, 20 years ago, when they were children and Ji An has been stalking him ever since. Okay then. She then handcuffs him so that he doesn’t run away.

Back at the station, in an interview room, we find out that he had been sent an email of the Bangbae-Dong report from the National Police IP address. He came to help. They then bring up his running away and Hyun simply says that he left because ‘there’s no point talking to people who don’t know the basics of what is going on.’ Hyun is Sherlock haha.

He then continues to insult their intelligence by implying that they are below average. But he does commend MyeongWoo for being able to read between the lines.

EunBok joins them and confirms that Hyun is not the culprit as he was probably in a plane when the murder happened and that Hyun is a Criminal Justice Associate Professor in New York (fancy~). Which also means that they can’t detain him. We also find out that he is the person in the opening scene.

As Hyun is leaving Ji An tries to keep him as a witness, to understand the crime scene. They run into Eunhyuk and the Planning Manager, who says she can guarantee proof of Hyun’s identity. Eunhyuk tries to introduce himself again, however, Ji An excuses herself while he is midsentence to run after Hyun, while the others simply bow and walk away.

Ji An catches Hyun in the lift and wants to know the real reason he is back in Korea, he tells her to explain how she knows him and then he may tell her. And on closer inspection, Hyun thinks she looks familiar.

Picture8 Picture9

He then changes his mind, to which Ji An grumbles that he must have a bad memory. To which Hyun responds by saying she must not have been interesting enough for him to remember her. He then exits the lift and Ji An shouts out after him that he can’t leave the country.

He then thinks about what she said, his reason for coming back, and we see a Picture10flashback of him receiving a email containing a picture that looks similar to one he drew after his father and brother died. An invitation. Once at the airport in Korea he notices all kind of navigational symbols and makes the connection to one of the clues at the Bangbae-Dong crime scene. They are coordinates to the Dohwa-Dong crime scene. He then wonders who sent him and if a child and adult from his past are still alive. That is why he is back in Korea.

Picture11 Picture12

Hyun then returns to his family home where he sees flashbacks of childhood memories with his brother and father. And the Hyun sees his father, dead on the floor, and looks over to see his younger self on the stairs. In voiceover he says that this is the place where his story begins again.

1996 (Flashback)

Child Hyun is playing in the garden instead of helping pack things for the move. His father, JoongMin (Jun Kwang Ryul), calls him idle and Hyun responds that the father is more so.

Hyun’s younger brother then comes out calling that he can’t find his sketchbook or crayons. Hyun goes in to help. JoongMin takes a look at what Hyun was doing by the tree, the music shifting to a serious tone, and rightly so. JoongMin finds a buried animal, the paw visible.

Picture13 Picture14

He gets up and is faced with his son. Hyun explains that the animal was already dead when he found it. This doesn’t settle JoongMin’s worries.

We are then taken to a prison interview room, where JoongMin (the police superintendent) finds a guard on the floor in his own handcuffs. Meanwhile JoonYoung (Do Kyungsoo), a criminal, is opening the window as he is sensitive to smells.

JoongMin then begins to interview JoonYoung who talks of how his mother beat him. JoongMin stops him and plays the beginning of past interviews. JoonYoung talks about his grandfather and uncle. Of which he has neither, nor does he have a mother. JoongMin says that he will one day be told the true story and JoonYoung says that he does not know what the man expects and there isn’t much to tell.

Picture15 Picture16

Kyungsoo can definitely act as this psychopath is chilling.

On his way home, JoongMin bumps into two policemen, when they begin to leave one asks if he has a dog and to be careful as there have been report of theft and cruelty.

Hyun shocks his father by standing next to him at his desk when he wakes abruptly, due to him having a nightmare about his son. Hyun tells him he shouldn’t stay up all night and looks at the open file on the desk. JoongMin then quickly tries to collect them up, dropping a few on the floor.

Hyun asks if these men are who JoongMin is researching.

Picture17 Picture18

We are shown JoonYoung walking down a corridor, with JoongMin speaking over, that many of the most cruel people have the face of an angel. Back in his home office he tells Hyun that’s why he must be careful of strangers.

He tells Hyun he wishes he were more like children his own age. To this Hyun rambles off the things that he won’t do anymore then, such as clothing his younger brother and sending him to school, doing the chores and paying the bills on time or make him coffee. JoongMin takes the hint and changes the subject, saying that Hyun is a great barista as he drinks his coffee.

Hyun then reminds his father that it’s time he has to leave. Reminding him to take his jacket and bag. Then something very unnerving happens, Hyun asks the same questions as JoonYoung did in the interview. “Why do people hurt others? But before that why can’t they hurt others?”

Present Day

Back at the police station EunHyuk is making another speech to his new team, saying that people tried to stop him, and that he was on a great path to the intelligence and Picture19security division. Look at how unimpressed and bored they look haha. We also see that they aren’t paying attention at all.

Eun Bok (on the left) is thinking about what Hyun said, that the Bangbae-Dong crime scene led him to Dohwa-Dong. Meanwhile SeungJoo (on the right) is thinking about the ‘signature’ Hyun said there would be in Bangbae-Dong.

MyeongWoo is thinking how much an impudent jerk Hyun is for insulting him and the rest of the team. Obviously Ji An is thinking about what Hyun came to Korea for.

Eunhyuk finishes his speech on a high, but quickly realises no one was properly paying attention or cares. He changes direction and asks if they should discuss the case.

Eunhyuk begins to talk about the man from the crime scene, which perks everyone up, much to his shock, but the interest rapidly fades when he asks who Hyun was. Eunhyuk’s feathers are most definitely ruffled and he just asks for their reports.

Meanwhile, Hyun is searching through boxes of his families old things. He finds a Picture20sketchbook and begins to flip through until he finds what he is looking for. Before he gets to that though, we are able to see some pretty creepy drawings. He then brings up the photo he was sent on his phone.

Back at the police station Eunhyuk tries to engage the team, by bringing up what Hyun said about the two crimes being done by the same person and that they must have both had something to do with a yacht. MyeongWoo says that that information is bullshit and that Hyun is not a fortune teller. Picture21He also doesn’t believe that Hyun is a professor and helps the police in America, even when EunBok tells him that he confirmed that information was true.

Eunhyuk suggests that they put their pride aside and get Hyun to cooperate with them, much to MyeongWoo’s distate. After saying that Hyun wouldn’t cooperate with them anyway, Ji An says that she will find a way, and if the proper channels fail she will use her looks.

We then see Ji An walking down the corridor, grumbling that they all have rotten eyes for not agreeing. She then takes out a piece of paper and her phone to call Hyun, interrupting his cleaning. He says that her request for cooperation came quicker than he thought, but that he isn’t interested.

Ji An asks him to meet with them once to discuss the information that they have, and Hyun says that he may consider it if she asks him earnestly, much to her annoyance she does, but he still refuses. And then his mind wanders to the dust around him, Ji An jokingly asks if he has trespassed into another crime scene. He says that it is the opposite, and then hangs up saying he is busy. Ji An is obviously annoyed and calls him a jerk, saying that she will catch him if he trespasses again.

He thinks about a ‘visitor’ again and as he walks over to his father’s book cases. He Picture22notices that there is something missing from its space, JoongMin’s memo book, and looks to see if it is hidden somewhere else.

Instead of finding the memo book, he finds the tapes from JoongMin’s voice recorder, the tapes from JoonYoung’s interviews.

We then head back into Hyun’s childhood. JoongMin has forgotten his bag and Hyun tries calling him. However, the father is talking to a policewoman, saying that it is JoonYoung’s trial today and that he wants her to set up an interview room.

Hyun heads to the police station where his father works and encounters a group of policemen who force him to do maths equations, saying that he is a genius. However, one disagrees and brings out a pot of matches and tips then on the table, he asks Hyun how many there are and Hyun doesn’t even flinch before he answers ‘571’. He then leaves the men to count the matches to see if he is right.

JoongMin takes a break from his interview with JoonYoung, and Hyun just misses him. Hyun continues down to the interview rooms. The music becomes rather intense as Hyun goes up to an open door and asks if JoongMin is inside. Why is the door open? I know he is handcuffed, but isn’t that still dangerous?

Picture23 Picture24

JoonYoung asks if he is Professor Lee’s son and Hyun nods. JoonYoung tells him that his father will be back soon and asks if he wants to wait inside. And Hyun, much to my hearts distress walks into the room. Hyun tells this ‘ahjussi’ he knows who he is, to which JoonYoung asks if he is scary.

Hyun says he isn’t, but says that he is curious how JoonYoung became the person he is. How he became someone different to others.

JoonYoung explains that ducklings think that the first person they see, after they are born, is their mother Picture25for the rest of their lives. JoonYoung asks if he knows why and Hyun says that the mind is already set like that. JoonYoung goes on to say that all animals have a critical period in which their brains grow to become fully developed. He says that for ducks that period is only a few hours. Hyun asks how long it is for humans and JoonYoung replies, around 10-12 years. Around how old Hyun is.

JoonYoung then asks about how Hyun’s critical period is going, that he thinks Hyun is different from others too. He asks Hyun if it is hard, if others understand him and if his father trusts him. JoonYoung says that he is curious as to what kind of person Hyun will become and that he want to see. Kyungsoo really is putting on a wonderful performance. So chilling.

The same policewoman JoongMin was talking to earlier goes up to JoongMin to ask if he has found Hyun. She relates to him that some policemen were trying to tease a young boy and it backfired on them. JoongMin doesn’t understand and asks if Hyun is here, the policewoman tells him that Hyun had something to give to him.

He then runs to where he’s worried Hyun might just be.

Back in the interview room, JoonYoung is doing a wonderful job of scaring the hell out of me. He has picked the locks on his handcuffs and leans forward, asking if he should tell Hyun a secret just between the two of them.

JoonYoung holds out his hand and after some deliberation, Hyun takes it. He then Picture26copies JoonYoung by putting a finger to his lips. This is seen by JoongMin through the door, who frankly should have been running down those stairs a bit quicker.

JoongMin storms into the room, taking Hyun’s hand and leading him out of the room. Before they reach the door JoonYoung calls out to Hyun that they should meet again, just like they promised.

The policewoman from before comes over to them, asking what happened and if Hyun met JoonYoung. JoongMin doesn’t answer, just asks if she will look after Hyun and then goes back down to the interview room.

JoongMin tells JoonYoung that there is no reason for them to meet again, that this was the last session.

JoonYoung asks him if he really is worried about Hyun, which stops JoongMin from leaving the room. He asks if the reason JoongMin was focusing so much on his childhood was because he was scared and worried about his son.

JoonYoung enrages JoongMin by saying that Hyun is like him when he was a child, that he is smart and different. JoongMin asks what they talked about, what the promise was. JoonYoung furthers JoongMin’s anger by saying that Picture27the promise was between the two of them and has nothing to do with JoongMin.

JoonYoung say that the doubts and worries about Hyun that JoongMin is having are well founded, but JoongMin disagrees that he doesn’t have those thoughts. Which causes JoonYoung to smile, he never said what the thoughts were, “will he become a monster like him?” JoongMin has had enough and punches JoonYoung a few times.

At home, JoongMin writes in his memo pad, that while he had been observing JoonYoung, JoonYoung had been observing him. That the criminal noticed his fears and put doubts in his mind.

We then see JoongMin searching his two sons shared bedroom, and he flips through the sketchbooks.

Picture28 Picture29

He asks his youngest son if the sketchbooks are his and if he drew the pictures or of Hyun did. He says that it was Hyun who drew them for him, but not to tell Hyun he said that. JoongMin asks if Hyun is scary, the boy shakes his head, but tells his father not to trust Hyun.

We then see that Hyun is sat alone at the top of a climbing frame, just looking down at the other children. He also notices when his father comes out to check on him.

The next scene shows us JoongMin talking to Hyun’s doctor, saying that the triad of symptoms of a psychopath are bed-wetting, arson and animal cruelty in their childhood. The doctor then explains that bed-wetting in children is normal, and the fact that he lost his mother could have caused memory loss and separation anxiety, which I don’t quite Picture30understand how that is relevant information… anyway, he says the bed-wetting was just temporary.

JoongMin tells the doctor that there is something he doesn’t know, to which the doctor asks if he saw any other unusual symptoms in Hyun. He doesn’t respond, but in voiceover he asks if, in the end, he lost to the doubts that JoonYoung placed in his head.

Back home, JoongMin writes in his memo book that he thinks his son is a monster.

Picture31 Picture32

Which Hyun sees in the morning, because JoongMin decided it would be a good idea to just leave his book open on his desk and on that page. Hyun puts the book onto the shelf, visibly hurt by what he read.

Picture33That evening, JoongMin goes into his son’s room and sits by Hyun while he sleeps. He thinks about what JoonYoung said to him in the interview room. We then see that JoongMin has another thing to worry about, as JoonYoung said that he will get out of the prison and meet Hyun.

To his sleeping son, JoongMin says that he will make sure to protect him.

We are then taken to a room, where JoongMin tells Hyun that this is where he will be living from now on. He says that people think Hyun has gone to study abroad. He says that this is all he could think of for the moment and that he needs to protect Hyun from the world and protect the world from Hyun, a sentence he doesn’t quite finish.

JoongMin changes the subject and tells Hyun that he will do his studies with him and that he is going to start over a new life, they are going to slowly learn how ‘normal’ people live.

Picture34 Picture35

In voiceover we hear JoonYoung ask, “does your father trust you?” and then we are transported back to the interview room.

He goes through some examples of how people can become pretty or stupid and then uses the same analogy for being a monster.

“There are those who are monsters from birth. Someone saw them as monsters, called them monsters, so they became monsters.”

JoonYoung then asks Hyun how his father perceive him, what does he call him. And then we go back to Hyun looking at his father and Hyun knows his father sees him as a monster.

Thank you for reading~

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