Midnight’s Girl (Episode 4) Recap~

Even though this episode was only around 7 minutes long, it left me feeling happy with the cute events that filled it. We open up with the last minute of the previous episode. SeRa says that there is another customer and promptly let’s go of JiDan’s arm, causing him to fall to the floor (pffft). A…… Continue reading Midnight’s Girl (Episode 4) Recap~

Midnight’s Girl (Episode 3) Recap~

This episode we find out a few things about our main leads. This drama definitely has a way of making you smile ^^ We open with JiDan lying in bed talking to KwangCheol on the phone. JiDan asks if he hired a part-timer, to which KwangCheol replies he knows nothing about. KwangCheol wonders if President Kim…… Continue reading Midnight’s Girl (Episode 3) Recap~