*We Broke Up* Episode 7 Recap

A Half Share of Memories

This episode provided some alleviation of my second lead syndrome and gave me a few little main couple feels. This is also the longest episode we’ve had so far, you know things are getting serious, when webdrama’s make their episodes a little longer! :p

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*We Broke Up* Episode 6 Recap

“Offbeat, Discord, Disagreement”.

Today is not Saturday… but Sunday is very close! haha ^^”

Once again, I’m going to repeat myself and cry in a corner because this second lead syndrome is not budging! HyunWoo is too darn cute! โ™ฅ

I hope you enjoy this recap~

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*We Broke Up* Episode 4 Recap!

*Twenty-Three, Twenty-Six*

It’s Sunday and that means drama recap time~

Episode 4 was quite a fun episode and focused more on WooRi which, happily for me, involves a lot of that cutie HyunWoo โ™ฅ

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*We Broke Up* Episode 3 Recap

Episode 3 is here and complete! As I said in my blog update on Monday, there was a chance that this would be posted before Saturday and here it is, on Friday evening! Look at me being early… ^^”

This episode was a lot better! I’m back on board and excited to see what happens next! ^^ Also, I feel a little stupid for only realising now, that they are using SeungYoon’s actual solo song ‘Wild and Young’ for The Band I Don’t Know’s (WonYoung’s band) performances!

*Connection Between Coincident And Relationship*

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