We Broke Up

*We Broke Up* Episode 6 Recap

"Offbeat, Discord, Disagreement". Today is not Saturday... but Sunday is very close! haha ^^" Once again, I'm going to repeat myself and cry in a corner because this second lead syndrome is not budging! HyunWoo is too darn cute! ♥ I hope you enjoy this recap~ We left WonYoung in a predicament over whether he… Continue reading *We Broke Up* Episode 6 Recap

We Broke Up · Web Drama

*We Broke Up* Episode 2 Recap

'Things That Must Be Settled When Breaking Up'. This was a pretty disappointing 2nd episode, especially as I enjoyed the first one so much. However, there is still a little glimpse in promise for this drama to be fun, quirky and enjoyable! Also, shirtless SeungYoon awaits you in this recap haha :p This rather poetic… Continue reading *We Broke Up* Episode 2 Recap