2. Taeyang “Wedding Dress” MV/Song Review~

This is very late, I’m sorry, but here is no. 2 on Soompi’s List.  I will say I don’t quite agree that this should have been so high up on this kind of list…


Throughout this whole video I was just thinking: ‘This seems like a straight version of K.Will’s Please Don’t… video’. Person A is in love with Person B, but they are in love with Person C and B and C get married. Meanwhile, Person A is sad and thinks Person B should have chosen them instead, but acts happy for the pair anyway.

However, in this it shows that Taeyang was prepared to take it a step further and nearly tries to propose, but gets beaten to it, but the other guy.

screenshot_2016-01-07-18-54-33.pngSo, I think this song is basically about how the person they love should have chosen them.

I looked at the lyrics (which you can see here) and it’s kind of like that. But there is a bit more to it. The song is about how Person A is in love with Person B and want her to leave Person C and be with him. And that he dreaded the day that was her wedding day, but later in the song, he wants her to be happy and that may help him move on etc.


For me, there is something very attractive about a man playing a piano. However, I’ve never really thought that Taeyang is overly sexy… maybe because I’m staring at other members of Big Bang… but I will admit he’s got some moves. And amazingly he’s wearing a shirt, all the way through hahaha :p

I didn’t really like the colour scheme of this mv, it was rather murky at times. For the two dance sets, I like the one where Taeyang did most of the dancing and was accompanied by other dancers. But the grey (?) room thing… nope, not a fan.


Taeyang always has pretty solid vocals and this song showed them off pretty well. However, I didn’t really like the auto-tune sound that happened in the chorus parts.

And I think I would have just been okay with piano all the way through. Personally I thought that the beat behind the vocals was more for the dance than the actual vocals.


screenshot_2016-01-07-18-54-10.pngIt was impossible for me to screenshot (decently) and scenes of Taeyang dancing… so through the power of words I will try and attempt to say what I liked about some of Taeyang’s moves… (sorry in advance ^^”). 

The main part I liked was when the partnered backup dancers were together and Taeyang was all lonesome in the middle. And to be honest my attention was on them rather than Taeyang. But my attention was on him for most of the other times, such as the sort of robotic smooth dance he did and the body rolls haha ^^”

Star Ratings:

  • Understandable Storyline: 4/5☆
  • Video Production: 2/5☆
  • Vocals: 3.75/5☆
  • Dance: 3/5 ☆
  • Overall Package: 6/10☆

Thank you for reading~



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