Prince’s Prince (Episode 3) Recap~

This episode was certainly less crazy as the previous two and we seem to be getting a bit more of a storyline, or at least more build-up to one.

I especially like how this drama is filmed, the different digital effects make it a lot more visually appealing, as are the two male leads ๐Ÿ˜‰

I’m not quite sure how I feel about the ‘gay’ storyline, mostly because right now, it all seems a pretence to either ‘infiltrate a company’ or ‘try to find out who someone really is’.

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Prince’s Prince (Episode 2) Recap~

I don’t have words for how confused I am about the involvement of ShiHyun “being” gay… I mean is he? Was this just a way for him to get hired?

This is a very strange little webdrama which I laugh out loud while watching, even if sometimes I have no idea what is going on or why… to be honest I may be thinking too much and need to just take it at face value haha ^^”

I like the quirky effects and I definitely have to keep watching, I mean where is this going?! haha

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Prince’s Prince (Episode 1) Recap~

I found another little WebDrama to delve into! My main reason of course would be because it stars Choi JongHoon, leader of FTIsland who is beautiful~ haha โ™ฅ

Anyway, so the actual episode… it is very quirky and I like the way it is filmed and edited for the most part. I like the little effects and incorporation of original (I assume) webtoon art.

The acting isn’t that great, but it’s still enjoyable and even though the story is rather confusing and all over the place at the moment, hopefully it will become clearer in the following episodes. Having such short episodes, I understand that they are trying to get as much in as possible, to fit everything in.

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Scholar Who Walks The Night (Episode 3) Recap~

This by far is my favourite episode (that may definitely be because of the waterfall/rain scenes… :p)~

The characters are really forming very nicely, as are the relationships.

This episode felt a lot lighter, but that may be due to how frequent our two mains spent time together. There were a lot of cute moments that made me squeal and SungYeol continues to save YangSun which never hurts.

Saying that, there are definite darker elements. As I’ve said before, this drama is doing well at balancing the humour and dark sides of the story.

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I Remember You (Episode 4) Recap~

Having sort of patched up the first case, another appears and once again it is connected to Hyun.

This episode was rather funny and had a good balance between the darker aspect of the crimes and just the general banter and bickering of the team members.

I like how this drama makes you think about who people are and what their motives are. It really makes you excited to keep watching to see if your theories are correct!

Also, I think I may ship MyeongWoo/EunHyuk more than JiAn/Hyun at this point haha ^^”

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