Prince’s Prince (Episode 7) Recap~

It looks like we are starting to get onto the ‘juicy’ bits of this story.

After the intense ending of the last episode, the theme to this one is similar. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a quirky cuteness to parts, however, the overall feel of this episode was certainly darker than we have seen before with this drama.

I definitely have a lot of questions and kind of wish it had started like this from the get-go.

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Prince’s Prince (Episode 6) Recap~

There was still a quirkiness to the episode, however, the ending was the complete opposite to what we’ve seen so far. There was an intensity and desperation that had more impact because of how odd and fast paced the episodes have previously been.

It looks like this little webdrama is taking a turn into darker, more serious territory. I wonder how that is going to go fit in, and as always I have no idea where this strange journey is headed!

But I’m definitely here until we reach the destination!~

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Prince’s Prince (Episode 5) Recap~

Halfway through and I still am not quite sure where this is going… But saying that I am enjoying this strange little production.

I understand the main motivations for our two mains, but that doesn’t mean it makes sense! haha Hopefully, the rest of the drama will make it more clear. It also looks like more of a storyline which should help this.

On a side note: Im YunHo’s face is really distracting, he’s so pretty~ ♥

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Prince’s Prince (Episode 4) Recap~

This episode was basically more snooping around and several cases of innuendo.

I have no idea what is happening, well to be more accurate, I don’t know what is the truth!

This drama is so not what I imagined when I read the description haha~ I really do hope that they don’t make a joke out of the gay storyline, maybe the same thing could happen with The Lover *fingers crossed*~

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