04.04.16 -10.04.16

Picture25 editedLast week was terrible, in both my studies and this blog… And it looks like this week will provide the same pain, if not more. I hate tests and looking at my emails, I now have both tomorrow… and I have yet to prepare for the essay as I thought it was Wednesday… Someone run me over please… haha ^^”

However, this academic term ends on Wednesday! So I have that to look forward to haha ^^” Which makes it more likely that I will finish what I plan in this post.

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29.03.16 -03.04.16 “Wait… April starts in 3 days?!”

Picture25 editedI ate way too much chocolate over the Easter weekend… ^^”

Anyway, last week I managed to do what I had planned, and this week, as well as next week will probably be along the same lines.

It’s the last two weeks of this term and it is more than hectic ๐Ÿ˜ญ But after that I can recap as much as I want! Think happy thoughts! haha ^^”

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14.03.16 – 20.03.16 “I Hate Being Ill *sulks*”

Picture25 editedLast week, I managed to get 2 posts done, and I planned to get Go Princess Go ep 2 recap done this morning, however, I really do not feel well ;-;

And when I am not well, the little motivation and time management that I have goes completely out the window!

So, what I put in this post is what I want to do, and not necessarily what I will do (but isn’t that what it’s always like?!… maybe… haha ^^”).

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07.03.16 – 13.03.16 “How Are We Already In March?!”

Picture25 editedHello! Last week I managed to complete what I had planned (even if one was late… deadlines are not my friends, especially self imposed ones haha ^^”). Also, it amazes me how quickly time goes! It’s already March… that’s so crazy to me! ^^”

Anyhoo, here is what I plan to do this week and for a few weeks to come:

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