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Back And Ready To Blog!

I have been pretty much MIA for a while now *cries* I'm sorry!! However, I want to get a routine up and running whereby I don't feel guilty every time I think about how neglected this blog is! I'm going to be making some changes concerning when I upload posts because I have chosen to … Continue reading Back And Ready To Blog!

11.04.16 – 17.04.16 “The Term Is Over!”

Last week, I actually managed to do everything that I had planned, which made me super happy. Although, I did neglect my essay... that is due on Wednesday... sshhhuuusssshhhh! haha ^^" I'm fine. I'm fine... *manic laughter* Anyway, the term is technically over, which means for a little while, I will have some time to … Continue reading 11.04.16 – 17.04.16 “The Term Is Over!”