I Order You (Episode 12) Recap~

This was a great episode and I think this drama is getting back on track of being good and keeping me gripped. And oh how I wish I was SongAh this episode โ™ฅ.โ™ฅ (well for some certain parts :p).

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I Order You (Episode 9) Recap~

It’s Saturday, so I’m early posting this and I have a legit reason! I made some plans at the beginning of the week and I just wanted to alter them slightly. For the time being a recap of an I Order You episode will be uploaded every Saturday! And the following Sunday will also be a drama day, but that drama is a secret (but I will say it’s a new drama! sorry…)

This episode was not the most interesting of episodes, but still there was Kevin in a cute little pink blazer, so I’m not too disappointed. haha ^^” Oh I wish I were joking, I’m so shallow…

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I Order You (Episode 8) Recap~

The time has come. I have finally finished this recap after weeks of saying I would and frankly, that is an amazing feeling!! haha oh and if my grammar is terrible and I have rambled more than usual, blame the new post writing layout… where has spellcheck gone? and the word count? anyone?

Anyway, onto the episode itself. This one, was again, not as energetic and quirky as I expect it to be. However, we are certainly making advances in character development which will be built on in the episodes to come (hopefully), especially with GookDae, who I feel needs it the most.

Prepare to have your heartstrings pulled at while watching this one.
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