Blood (2015) First Thoughts || Episode 1+2 ๐Ÿฉธ DNF


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Blood aired for 20 episodes on KBS2 from February – April, 2015 and held the Monday-Tuesday 10pm slot. This drama aired on my birthday!

I want to preface these first thoughts with the fact that I won’t be continuing this drama. I have so many dramas that I want to get round to watching and this is not something I want to spend more of my time on.

Park Ji Sang (Ahn Jae Hyun) is a doctor that specialises in “hepato-pancreato-biliary surgery” and starts to work at the best cancer research hospital in South Korea. He’s a man born to two vampire infected parents, which meant he was born with the virus. At the hospital he clashes with physician Yoo Ri Ta (Ku Hye Sun) – the niece of the hospital owner and a rather proud woman. While falling for her, Ji Sang’s quest to find the man who infected and orchestrated his parent’s death is closer than he can imagine.

The premise is certainly interesting, but the execution is not good. In the first episode there was a lot of effects that were bad and I never want to really judge a programme on that because there have been bad series (from all over the world) that I’ve enjoyed but the production value isn’t good. The story/screenwriting and characters are aspects that can keep me watching no matter the quality of sets, costumes or production. And while a lot of the first episode was a bit drawn out, young Ji Sang (Baek Seung Hwan) had an emotional conflict about wanting to be closer to humans but thinking he could never achieve that, which was compelling to watch. Plus his acting was good. Overall, it was Ji Sang’s mother (Park Joo Mi) who was the one I enjoyed watching the most.

I started episode 2 hopeful that it would get better and I struggled to even finish it. Ji Sang is a bit boring, and the only thing that’s going for him is that his dilemma and search for clues is really interesting. On the flip side, our female lead is unlikable and proud even when their is a life in danger literally on her operating table. I’m sure we’ll get her backstory, but honestly, it’s still awful behaviour. And both of their acting isn’t that great.

There are some people around these two that seemed quite charming and good supporting characters, the main one being Joo Hyun Woo (Jung Hae In) who is Ji Sang’s best friend and a medical researcher. He’s clever, funny and for fun built Ji Sang a robot called LUUVY to teach him about love. Imagining the future antics of both Hyun Woo and LUUVY makes me sad that the actual plot has some potential, but the writing and acting aren’t enough to keep me watching.

The “villain” is also boring. Lee Jae Wook (Ji Jin Hee) seems like one of those one dimensional bad guys who is evil just for lols. And so far he’s shown no other personality. His henchmen are kind of ridiculous as well – it’s like they’re trying too hard to be scary vampires and it comes off cringey. We’re also shown snippets of a corrupt Chaebol working with Jae Wook, which was predictable and I feel like it’s easy to work out their dynamic and certain paths they’ll take.

And while the composed pieces for this drama are good, they’re very dramatic, which tends to make certain scenes feel further exaggerated and ultimately disappointing.

Overall, there are certain core elements to the premise which are great. However, the execution makes it fall flat. Maybe if it had been done by a different network or with a different main cast then it might have been more compelling to watch. It’s a shame that I haven’t found a new good vampire drama that will have – I assume – a conclusion (yes I’m still hung up on Vampire Prosecutor ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜‚), but I’m sure I’ll be fine.


Written By: Park Jae Bum
Directed By: Ki Min Soo
Lee Jae Hoon
Network: KBS
Release Date: 16th February – 21st April

What were your thoughts on Blood? Did you like it? Or power through despite feeling like I do?

Thanks for reading! I hope you’re having a lovely d


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