Billboard Greatest K-Pop Songs || 80-71 || ♪ My Thoughts ♪


It’s that time again! In this “episode” of Billboard’s Greatest K-Pop songs I listen to a lot of new to me artists and some old classic!

For the original Billboard’s article and the quote origin click here~

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80. BTS, “I Need U” (The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 1, 2015)

This will probably cause people to dislike me, but I have only listened to one BTS song and I couldn’t remember the name  only that they wear all different job outfits 😂 (it’s ‘쩔어’ by the way) I like this song, but I just never got invested in them.

Therefore, I’ll have to take M.M.’s take on I Need U in that the group turned away from the old-school hip-hop of their earliest EPs towards an emotive electronic sound and a labyrinthine “BTS Universe” narrative.”

The instrumental opening is really pretty and the music and voices of the members are evocative. I can imagine listening to it again – although the chorus isn’t as strong as I would have liked.

79. DALSooobin, “Circle’s Dream” (Circle’s Dream, 2017)

Subin is a member of Dal Shabet and released her first solo single in 2016. I’m not familiar with either Dal Shabet’s work or Subin’s. Currently, she has rebranded as Salsooobin under a different agency.

In Circle’s Dream, Subin “accents the shapely subject matter with clever tricks, rolling her Rs on the Korean onomatopoeia for “rolling”.” — C.K. At first this was a little startling, but as the song progressed it added a fun little quirk to this laid back, cool song.

Subin’s vocals are strong and I’m excited to check out more of her songs~

78. Hoody, “Hangang” (no album, 2017)

Another artist I haven’t come across before. The song is sweet and J.M.K. says that “the song’s diaphanous atmosphere makes it easy to keep listening”. The song and Hoody’s vocals are definitely light and feel good (as well as the mv!). I would have liked a bit more happening, but for a chilled out spring/summer day this song would be lovely!

77. WINNER, “Empty” (2014 S/S, 2014)

So, I watched WIN: Who Is Next? and that programme ruined me (I couldn’t watch the follow on for iKON because those precious boys went through so much already! YG is evil). And then we had to wait forever for Winner to debut!

Empty is a delightfully succinct hip-hop and R&B medley with only acoustic guitars to fill the silence” — L.S. And opening with Mino’s deep slower rapping style and then going into his normal pace was wonderful! All the members shine in this debut song and it was worth the wait. I’m incredibly partial to a ballad (despite always listening to Really Really which is the song I would have thought this list would have had instead). 

76. Super Junior, “This Is Love” (This Is Love (Mamacita), 2014)     

When I listen to Super Junior as whole, I’m here for a good time and bad English. Mamacita is my fave song and I’m not ashamed!

However, it tends to mean that I miss out on some really fantastic ballads or simply better crafted songs. This Is Love is one of those. It is full of groove and smooth crooning” andhas a rhythmic bounce that makes it hard not to dance along as the act sings sweetly about a love for the ages.”  T.H.

Despite being a fan of SUJU I forget that they aren’t always a big group of idiots are the Kings of Hallyu for a reason haha 😂

The video is also super cool and I would highly recommend giving it a watch!

75. OFFONOFF, “Dance” (boy., 2017)

Another group I’m not familiar with. OFFONOFF are a male duo group (a vocalist and a producer/DJ) who debuted under HIGHGRND.

J.M.K. explains that Dance is a “moody, nocturnal R&B track suffused with longing for an unrequited love.” Personally, this isn’t to my taste, it has a rather monotonous feel to it that was kind of boring. 

74. SunWoo Jung-A, “Springirls” (no album, 2015)

And another artist I’m not familiar with, however, after listening to “Springirls” I’m definitely going to check out more of SunWoo Jung Ah’s work!

Springirls is and understated jam built around a funky bassline” — C.K. It’s fun, cool and has a retro feel. The Billboard article also states that IU feels cool when she listens to this song and I can completely understand why!

The mv is stunning although a bit more provocative than the lyrics suggest, and has some great surprises in who features in it.

73. Sistar, “Alone” (Alone, 2012) 

Sistar is one of the original sexy girl groups. They have a distinctive sound and each member has a wonderful voice. I’ve never disliked a Sistar song! I don’t think it’s possible.

“All lush synths and retro-inspired perfection, “Alone” is symbolic of their transition into more confident, mature women who claimed agency over their bodies and sexuality throughout their career.” — L.S.

I’m very happy that Sistar are on this list!

72. Seo Taiji, “” (Quiet Night, 2014)

Seo Taiji is one of the original first wave Hallyu acts from the 90’s with his group Seo Taiji and Boys. His solo music is often in the rock genre. was released in October and fits right in with the spooky season. Seo Taiji continues his legacy of using music as a way to criticize the intensity of capitalism through this unnerving track.” — T.H.

The song has a Tim Burton-esque vibe to it, as well as being reminiscent of more Japanese soft rock. I will say the rock/punk music seems to overpower Seo Taiji’s voice which is a lot softer, so I found myself focusing on the music instead.

71. Taeyang, “Eyes, Nose, Lips” (Rise, 2014)

Eyes, Nose, Lips is kind of just iconic at this point. It sparked so many covers and I’m not going to lie, Tablo’s is the version I always listen to (that man *chef’s kiss*).

It was inevitable for Big Bang or it’s members to be on this list and now that Taeyang is here, GD better show up or I’m rioting.

C.K. write that “as Korea’s “Prince of R&B,” Taeyang draws from reference points familiar to Western listeners in this piano-driven ballad.” I also believe that the mv itself is also an homage to a western R&B singer.

Taeyang has a wonderful, rich voice and this song is emotional and easy to listen to.

Thanks for reading! I hope you’re having a lovely day~

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