Kiss Me ♥ || First Thoughts 🤔

I’ve seen several drama versions of Itazura Na Kiss (the Taiwanese is my favourite) and now I’m finally seeing what the Thai version is like!

Mike D’Angelo plays “Thatrapee Warophat / Tenten”, a teenager with an IQ of 200. He is once again joined by Aom Sushar Manaying as “Theeraphat Ingkuranon / Taliw”, who is so adorable! ♥

This drama began in a different way and I’m interested to see how these differences expand and change the plot. Tenten is introduced as a distant but cute guy, which instantly wins Taliw over. The addition of the little cat made everything better! Then he becomes a meanie when he realised she doesn’t remember her (which by the way, is so dumb!!). 

I’m looking forward to the misunderstanding (which is probs there) to disappear and the wonderful chemistry between Mike and Aom Sushar to shine through with cute romantic scenes!

Taliw is seemingly more collected than other versions that I’ve seen. She understands that Tenten’s behaviour at the end of the episode isn’t right and hopefully, she continues to stay somewhat rational. Also, Taliw is so cute! Every time she smiled, I smiled. Her eyes smile is so bloody cute ♥♥

86b24928ec57438da4029abc4f9e4b8bThe side characters, Taliw’s friends in particular, are funny and I can see that they will add a lot more hijinks into the mix. King (Tao Sattaphong Phiangphor), who’s the second male lead, is not what I was expecting. I can see my heart breaking for him! He is more reserved than other versions and the way he stood up for Taliw was so sweet.

Dear Drama Gods, please don’t give me second male lead syndrome 🙏

Overall, I’m pleased with the first episode and I will definitely be continuing with this drama!

Thanks for reading! I hope you are having a lovely day~


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