Longest Dramas on my TBW List |🎬| #T5W

#T5W drama version time~ I wanted to start doing Top 5 Wednesday posts which are targeted towards books, but it works for dramas as well and I’m just as excited! ♥ As most dramas I watch are typically 16-20 episodes long, at lot of these are ones that I have already started or seen the…… Continue reading Longest Dramas on my TBW List |🎬| #T5W

Kiss Me ♥ || First Thoughts 🤔

I’ve seen several drama versions of Itazura Na Kiss (the Taiwanese is my favourite) and now I’m finally seeing what the Thai version is like! Mike D’Angelo plays “Thatrapee Warophat / Tenten”, a teenager with an IQ of 200. He is once again joined by Aom Sushar Manaying as “Theeraphat Ingkuranon / Taliw”, who is so adorable!…… Continue reading Kiss Me ♥ || First Thoughts 🤔