TaeTiSeo “Dear Santa” MV/Song Review!

Christmas is a week away and I’m going to admit this now, Christmas is not garnering much excitement for me… but if I listened to this song on repeat for the next week, I think it will haha ^^” This is such a cute video and TaeYeon, SeoHyun and Tiffany do not disappoint! โ™ฅ


Erm… well, there wasn’t really a story. I mean there was a lost dog, cute baking, adorable dancing and general Christmas cuteness.

I assume that this is about asking Santa for things you’ve lost. That is literally my best guest… ^^”

So, I looked at the lyrics, (which you can see here) and it’s about how they have been heartbroken for most of the year and they want a man who will be good to and for them. They are sure that Santa is coming and won’t let them down.

screenshot_2015-12-18-20-00-28.pngI kind of get this, I mean SNSD generally sing about love anyway, so it’s no surprise that this song would differ. Also, that kind of makes sense about why the Lion-Man from Lion Heart was in this MV at the end and the three members didn’t want him because he is the kind of guy to cause more heartache.


This MV was so cute! The colours used were beautiful and really inspired and evoked the Christmas feeling.

I could honestly just sit and screenshot all of this MV, it is so stunning! However, I will show you some of my favourite scenes.

Firstly, the opening scene where the members are in the small hall space with the piano was so beautiful. The red of those gorgeous dresses really pops out. Everything is just so elegant and suits these women โ™ฅ

These scenes were so visually beautiful. The dresses and the colour scheme really makes this scene look beautiful, especially in contrast with the very bright reds and pastels of other scenes. Although, I do feel sorry for SeoHyun, I get that she is next to the Christmas tree and the ladder is for decorating access, but seriously, Tiffany got a Pegasus! haha ^^”

These outfits were so cute, as is the styling of the hair โ™ฅ The lighting in these scenes were so warm and cozy, added with the reds and golds gave the scenes a true Christmas feel.

I really enjoyed these scenes mainly because the members were so cute and adorable. And seriously, TaeYeon was killing it with those moves and she looks so proud of herself!! haha โ™ฅ


The first 1:30 were beautiful. I love ballads and all three member of TaeTiSeo know how to make a beautiful ballad. Their voices suit each other very well and I love that SeoHyun’s voice has grown so much since and she is able to keep to the standard of TaeYeon and Tiffany.

Even though I was hoping for the song to stay within the ballad range, there is a definite Christmas feel to the vocals and the jingly-ness to the music.

I was a little put off by Tiffany’s English “ad-lib’s”, mainly because they seemed out of place within the song.

Overall, I really enjoyed the vocals โ™ฅ

Star Ratings:

  • Understandable Storyline: 1/5โ˜†
  • Video Production: 5/5โ˜†
  • Vocals: 5/5โ˜†
  • Overall Package: 7/10โ˜†



Thank you for reading~

3 thoughts on “TaeTiSeo “Dear Santa” MV/Song Review!

  1. Awww every TaeTiSeo comeback comes with a package of feels. Dear Santa was a real success, and I totally agree with you that the ballad part was beautiful! I also expected it to be like this until the end, but Christmas being what it is… :p
    Nice review!
    If uou have time, would you please check my blog too? I also feature soshi from time to time! Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

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