Hit The Stage || This Love ♥ || Top 3

Ten and Momo deserved better!

This took me a little longer to make as I had a hard time cutting it down to 3. I was so close to doing a Top 5… but that would be most of the performances ^^”

The prompt for episodes 3 & 4 is “This Love”. J.Black and his crew dance out the prompt at the beginning of the episode. For this prompt he danced with his wife Mary and I loved it so much! It’s really beautiful to watch and I recommend giving it a watch:

3. TWICE Momo and Mina

I’m writing this post a few weeks after I watched it and I’m still salty at the score Momo got for this performance. She came 5th?!

This was a beautiful performance. Momo had never done ballet before and she looked stunning. Momo really gave her all for this and the concept was great and not as straight forward as a lot of the others. This performance is about loving too much and in doing so you suffocate the other person.

2. NCT Ten x Jung Si Yeon

I said I was salty about the Momo’s ranking, but this one! This performance deserved a much higher ranking. Ten was adorable and sexy in this energetic and fun performance. I was smiling the whole time ♥

The dancing was great to watch! Ten and Jung Si Yeon had great chemistry on stage.

1. Infinite Hoya x Choi HyoJin

And then we have a more literal expression of love. I mean the things Hoya and Choi HyoJin were doing… I’m amazed I’m not pregnant 😂

This was absolutely beautiful! I love this modern type of dancing which is so emotive and captures your entire focus. I was floored by this performance. Hoya really brought everything to the table for this episode and he deserved this win hands down! ♥

And I couldn’t end this post without making sure you are aware of this performance! And if you are, then you need to watch it again.


She honestly makes me want to dance. She truly makes my plus size butt motivated about dancing!

What were your favourite performances?

Thanks for reading! I hope you are having a lovely day~


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