Leeteuk x Grazia || 09.07.2019

The angel without wings 😇

Leeteuk is the leader of Kpop group Super Junior. They are second wave Hallyu and one of the best known groups in Asia.

For more pictures and information check out Grazia Korea~

These photos were taken in the Renaissance Koh Samui Resort & Spa; Thailand.


leeteuk grazia 2

It is dumb that I’m more concerned with how you open those windows than Leeteuk and what he’s wearing. I mean I’d need a step ladder! 😂

J. Lindeberg – shirt David SS Resort looks a lot more chic and cool tucked in

Anyway, fashion Hayleigh that’s why we do these! haha

The shirt is from J. Lindeberg and is part of the David S/S Resort Collection. It looks a lot more chic and cool on and styled because on the website it doesn’t look as good.

The trouser are from Maison Margiela and I couldn’t tell the difference between wool or cotton… they look the same! The wool ones are £425, while the cotton are £335. I’m assuming the wool would be too hot for Thailand in the summer so ??

The flip flops from UGG are £60.

leeteuk grazia 3

This is a relaxed vibe that I like. Although I can’t tell if I like Leeteuk’s tousled fringe, or would have preferred more of a stylised look. What do you think?

The shirt (around £175 – 258,000 won) is from Beyond Closet and at first I thought it had a chain-like pattern, but on closer inspection on the site it says ‘Good Vibes Only” which is cool detailing!

The white joggers are from 13Month by Hago and aew £66.84 (98,000 won).

The earrings and the cute anklet are from the Stylist’s collection.

leeteuk grazia 4

This is my favourite shot from this shoot. I looks so cool, relaxed and I love the effects caused by the windows!

The MSGM print shirt is obviously from MSGM by Han Style and costs way too much for a shirt! It’s 1,080,000 won! That’s £736.58! For a shirt. Rich people I swear! haha

The trousers are from Coquet Studio, but I couldn’t find them on the site. I think that they haven’t released a lot of their collection yet as there wasn’t much clothing on the site and most of it was sold out.

leeteuk grazia 5

Is it hot in here or is it just me? 😜

This shirt from Golden Goose is so pretty! And I love the completely different stripe design on the collar. It gives it a nice crisp look. I could only find the promo picture for this shot on the site, but according to Grazia this shirt is 698,000 won which is roughly £477.

The sunglasses are Matsuda by Nas World. I couldn’t find these specific pair, but I found a black pair that look super similar and they were £620. Which means these will be around this or even more as it seems they are part of the newest collection to be coming out.

leeteuk grazia 6

Adorable! Handsome! Relaxed! I love this photo! If Leeteuk was my bias (but he’s not. It flips from Kyuhyun to Heechul on a regular basis haha) this is the photo I would have as my phones screen lock (but it’s Jinki because I’m trash for the dubu leader! 😂)

Although this outfit does look a little too bulky for the surrounding. Leeteuk is wearing a greeny blue sweatshirt and jeans! I would be a puddle haha

The sweatshirt is from Beaker’s S/S collection and costs around £105 (155,000 won) and the jeans are a classic Levi. plain denim jeans all look the same to me, but most of the jeans are between £100 – £200 and even then they are closer to the £100.


  • Contributing Editor: Lim KyungMi
  • Photographer: Yoo Young Jun
  • Hair: Yoo MiKyung (유미경)
  • Makeup: JiYoung (지영)
  • Stylist: Kim JiYoung (김지영)
  • Location: Renaissance Koh Samui Resort & Spa, Thailand


J. Lindeberg

Maison Margiela


Beyond Closet

13Month by Hago


Coquet Studio

Golden Goose




Thanks for reading! I hope you’re having a lovely day~


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