Life/Blog Update โ™ฅ

This is just a small post, as I only have two things I want to talk about.

The first is a huge life update and the second is what I want my upload schedule to look like from now on~


This dummy has a degree haha ^^”

I have anxiety, as well as low self esteem (I’m a barrel of laughs ๐Ÿ˜‚) which means I compare myself to everyone around me. I watched all my friends achieve their degrees and masters, and career’s taking form while I was still crying over essay deadlines haha~

However, I am still so proud of myself!! I may have taken longer, but I’m here and I have a bit of paper to prove my perseverance โ™ฅ

Some of us just take a little longer to reach the same destination โ™ฅ

Upload Schedule

Monday – Korean Fashion Editorials

I really enjoy making these. I love fashion! So far I’ve only been doing idols and actors, but I may start discussing model editorial’s as well. I would expand and discuss Chinese, Japanese and/or Thai magazines, but the reason I can do Korean ones is that I can sound out the hangul for the brands and read most of the clothes.


On Wednesday’s I have been doing posts about books, i.e. tags, reviews, readathon tbrs. I plan to keep this up, but during August, they may be every other week.

And this is because, I want to do a post of Thursdays. I will be doing them every other week as well, to see how this Wednesday/Thursday schedule works.

The degree I have is “Asian Studies and Religious Studies With a Year Abroadย (BA hons)” and I want to keep that love alive. My blog has always been full of what I enjoy and it may seem like a hodgepodge so I’m sorry about that ๐Ÿ˜‚!ย 

I hope you enjoy those posts~


Friday’s are meant to be dedicated to Kpop and Kdrama etc. and these are the posts that I have been slacking on. A. Lot.

That is going to change! I want to bring that back as I feel bad that this is what my blog was originally all about and what a lot of people followed DramaRambles for.

I’ve had trouble keeping to schedules in the past, but as I’m not in University (I’m now doing an online TEFL Course) and am currently looking for work I will have a lot more time to dedicate to my blog โ™ฅ

Thanks for reading and sticking with me through my dodgy upload schedule!

I hope you’re having a lovely day~


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