SecondHand Books♥

This is not the usual type of post for dramarambles, but I have a burning feeling to write this down somewhere and I thought ‘why not write it here?’, so here it is:

I love books. I love pristine and beautiful looking books, but that is changing. I mean I will always be happy to see new books, to smell them and just get a content feeling seeing pretty covers and unbroken spines.

However, secondhand books are starting to become more of my go to. There is the money aspect, I’m a poor university student and books are expensive! And there is another reason and I think that is linked to me trying to change my frame of mind and to become more positive about myself.

me reading

Books are precious ‘time/space’ travel machines that have no age restrictions.

I have always loved books, they are an escape strategy that is foolproof. I can journey to places I’ve never been and in darker times assume I will never go, but I can also go to different worlds, different times. I can be different people and I can be stronger than I am and I think that is magical.

Storytelling is magic. 

Just having a book near me can bring out emotions in my mind, this is not because of the packaging, but what is inside. The way the characters were brought to life by words; how the author crafted each sentence and how the plot threads through the pages are what matters. The fact that the front cover may be bent, that the spine has dozens of line crinkles or has curved, or if there is writing inside (and more recently I have been starting to do this myself) doesn’t change the story.

And that is true of people.

The outside package of a human does not devalue what is inside.

kanbateI am my worst critic and thinking positively about myself is hard, thinking about my physical appearance and personality can bring out a mean person that I don’t like. I spend every waking moment with myself and sometimes I am so annoying, but sometimes I do surprise myself. And it is these moments that we should all hang on to and this way of thinking, bringing in books, is a way that could help that change of attitude happen within me. I’m hardly ever without a book~

Everyone is beautiful, but not beautiful to everyone.

Thank you for reading~


2 thoughts on “SecondHand Books♥

  1. Beautifuly put! I love books too! I love experiencing new places and really getting in the characters’ heads. I was surprised to find that I actually love writing stories even more. It’s amazing to craft a world, characters, and get to decide their fate. It’s like taking the escape to the next level. Of course, that’s one reason I love kdramas so much too. I’m always excited for my next adventure 🙂

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