MV/Song Reviews!

Songs I’m Loving – WEEK THREE

Hello! I'm going to be honest and say that I haven't listened to a lot of kpop this week. My love for the Sweeney Todd soundtrack was rekindled this week and I have spent many times just going through the whole thing! (It's so good people!). However, I have listened to 3 songs a lot… Continue reading Songs I’m Loving – WEEK THREE

MV/Song Reviews!

WINNER – 센치해 (SENTIMENTAL) MV/Song Review!

It's Friday and it's that time again: MV/Song Review Time! haha Today is WINNER as a whole and they did not disappoint at all! I love the WINNER sound and this video was very very creative! ♥ Story: To be honest I'm not quite sure what this video is about... I kind of have… Continue reading WINNER – 센치해 (SENTIMENTAL) MV/Song Review!

MV/Song Reviews!

WINNER – 좋더라 (I’M YOUNG) MV/Song Review!

It's Wednesday and I'm here with WINNER! I say WINNER only because this is how it is titled on their official YT page, however, this song was sung, penned and the MV stars Nam TaeHyun, whose voice is beautiful ♥ Story: I've seen that this song was written about how TaeHyun felt after a… Continue reading WINNER – 좋더라 (I’M YOUNG) MV/Song Review!