Save One Drop One || Female Artists πŸ’Ÿ


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I have done the “save one drop one” game before and I thought it would be fun to do it specifically with female artists.

I found this game on the YouTube channel KlockWise β™₯

I’m happy I did this game as I’ve found quite a few new girl groups that I’m interested in hearing more from!

I’ve linked the songs in the title of each section if you’d like to play along~

Why Not? – LOONA vs COOL – Weki Meki

Why Not? – LOONA

I need to listen to LOONA more because this song has such a strong opening and has a lot of fun moments to sing along to. I also need to listen to Weki Meki more as well, however, I think that COOL feels a little off and I think it’s to do with the pacing.



I thought this one was in the bag for Mamamoo, but Gfriend hit it out of the park with MAGO! I can find their songs a bit hit or miss, but Mago is one of their fantastic ones. The vocals are strong, the chorus is pretty and overall it’s such a better song that Dingga.

BOUNCY – Rocket Punch vs Hands Up – Cherry Bullet

Hands Up – Cherry Bullet

I can’t believe that I don’t listen to Cherry Bullet more, as this is one of my favourite songs on this entire list! Hands Up is so well put together as the music and vocals match perfectly. The rap portions are great and I feel so cool listening to this song.

Rocket Punch really had no chance.

Stay Tonight – CHUNG HA vs Pporappippam 보라빛 λ°€ – SUNMI

Pporappippam 보라빛 λ°€ – SUNMI

I love both these artists and songs, however, Sunmi’s music makes me feel light and free. And Pporappippam is delightful!

I highly recommend both Sunmi and Chungha as they are incredibly talented~

Secret Story of the Swan – IZ*ONE vs DUMDi DUMDi – (G)I-DLE

Secret Story of the Swan – IZ*ONE

In the previous version of this game, I dropped IZ*ONE because I only liked a few vocals… but I love this song?! I have listened to Secret Story of the Swan several times for this post and the vocals are so good and the music is complimentary. I also really liked the rap portions which I wasn’t expecting.

I don’t really like Dumdi Dumdi… I think it’s my least favourite (G)I-dle title track for sure.

Ready Or Not – MOMOLAND vs Feel Good (SECRET CODE) – fromis_9

Feel Good (SECRET CODE) – fromis_9

I don’t know fromis_9, but I need to change that! The vocals are great in this song and the chorus is adorable. Feel Good has a modern and retro style that is fun.

I found that Ready or Not felt a bit generic, but I have liked other Momoland songs.

YESSIR – 3YE vs Girls – NATURE

Girls – NATURE

I’m not familiar with either of these groups and that needs to change.

Nature has such beautiful vocals and for the most part the music isn’t overpowering.

3YE has strong vocals, but Yessir is a bit too repetitive.

Spit It Out – SOLAR vs Eclipse – MOONBYUL

Spit It Out – SOLAR

This is just mean!

These two songs have such different styles, and in this instance I do prefer Spit it Out because the vibe is fun and Solar has such a great voice.

Anyway, support Mamamoo and their solo projects! β™₯

Black Mamba – Aespa vs WANNABE – ITZY

Black Mamba – AESPA

I still stand by the thought that Aespa has a fantastic debut track! All the vocals are on point and it’s a cool song.

I do like ITZY, and Wannabe is probably one of my favourite of their songs, but I think Black Mamba is far stronger overall.

Dumhdurum – Apink vs Nonstop – OH MY GIRL

Nonstop – OH MY GIRL

This was hard because I like both songs a lot.

Apink have great vocals and the chorus is so catchy, but I prefer Oh My Girl’s vocal’s in this instance. Nonstop is a cute and fun song that instantly picks up my mood!

Nun Nu Nan Na – Cignature vs Tag Me (@Me) – Weeekly

Nun Nu Nan Na – Cignature

I don’t really like either of these songs… but Cignature’s chorus is what makes their song better in my opinion.



I really love Twice and they have become one of my favourite groups of all time. I Can’t Stop Me is also one of my favourite songs by them. The vocal’s are all great and the music is balanced with the pacing.

I also really like Blackpink and Lovesick Girl’s is my favourite song by them, but Twice πŸ˜…


BUTTERFLY – Cosmic Girls (WJSN)

This is another case of I don’t really like either song. I prefer Butterfly as it’s less annoying and you can hear some good vocals. I also like the rap parts.

NINETEEN – NATTY vs What You Waiting For – Jeon Somi


I’m not familiar with Natty and I’m glad I did this game. She has a really unique and interesting voice which makes me want to check out more of her music.

I do like Somi’s voice, but her music isn’t what I would personally go out of my way to listen to.



Secret Number have good vocals and I think this song does them an injustice as the music overpowers the vocal’s in places. The second half of this song is great!

Stayc have good vocals too, but the music is annoying and too loud throughout the entire song, which is a shame.

DESSERT – HYOYEON (ft. Soyeon + Loopy) vs NUNU NANA – Jessi


I thought I would choose Hyoyeon for this, but the more I listen to Dessert the less I like the song for some reason.

Nunu Nana is cool and it’s put together so well to really highlight Jessi’s voice and style. It also showcases how pretty her singing voice is as well, which I like.

JUNGLE – BVNDIT vs Do Or Die – AleXa

Do Or Die – AleXa

Do or Die is such a cool song and it makes me feel powerful. The vocals are great and so are the rap parts.

I’m not familiar with Bvndit, but I do think they have pretty vocals, but their voices don’t sound overly distinct in this song.

HELICOPTER – CLC vs BOCA – Dreamcatcher


Why do I not listen to CLC more?! Helicopter is such a cool song and their vocals are strong. It has a catchy and memorable chorus which I love.

This doesn’t mean I don’t like Boca, it’s just not one of my favourite Dreamcatcher songs. I would highly recommend this group if you haven’t listened to them before. Their music is very unique and they’re incredibly talented women! β™₯

Monster – IRENE&SEULGI vs Maria – Hwasa

Maria – Hwasa

I love both of these songs and actively listen to them, but again, they have such a different style.

Between these two songs, I would probably choose Maria over Monster as I think Hwasa has a better voice. I do think the concept for Monster is incredible and so much better though.

(I also think this would have been harder if it was between Naughty and Maria – what do you think?).

Obliviate – Lovelyz vs LALALILALA – APRIL

Obliviate – Lovelyz

I want to pronounce “obliviate” the way Lovelyz do from now on because it’s much more fun. Obliviate has pretty vocals and harmonies.

Honestly, it was the fact that Obliviate has a better chorus than LALALILALA that I chose it, because I also really like APRIL.


SAY MY NAME – Hyolyn

I really like the chill/mellow feel of Say My Name paired with the upbeat element that is threaded through the song. The music is arranged in a way that works well with Hyolyn’s voice – which has a distinct style.

I do like Gotta Go and Soyou’s voice, but it’s not as good for me.



The song arrangement for Dun Dun is so much better than Not Shy. You can hear their great vocals and they are the forefront of the song – which doesn’t sound that way for ITZY.

Leo – BOL4 (ft, Baekhyun) vs HOLO – Lee Hi

HOLO – Lee Hi

This was never a competition, but I am suprised at how much I don’t like Leo… I’ve listened to BOL4 before and enjoyed them – and not even Baekhyun could save the song.

Anyway, I love Lee Hi. Her voice is rich and soft in Holo and it’s simply just so beautiful β™₯

What Do I Call You – TAEYEON vs +5 STAR+ – CL

What Do I Call You – TAEYEON

Taeyeon is one of my favourite singers – I love her voice and the control she has over it. What Do I Call You is such a perfect song.

I wish I liked +5star+ because I want to support CL so much. However, this song is disappointing as I have heard how good of a singer she is. Not only is the music too overpowering, CL’s voice doesn’t sound natural in some places which is a bit offputting.

woo!ah! – woo!ah! vs OH YA YA YA – LUNARSOLAR


Lunarsolar has a lot of potential and it’s shown in this song. The vocals are good, with great rap parts, but some parts do feel a bit off. Overall, it’s a great song which has made me want to listen to more from them.

I like woo!ah!’s vocals, but the song by the same name is a bit disjointed – the chorus is super cute though.

What are your picks? Do you think I chose right or wrong?

Thank you for reading!

I hope that you’re having a lovely day and staying safe β™₯


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