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HI HELLO HYUNA || 31.03.2021

While I’m late to this editorial, once I saw it I knew that I had to share this on my blog! I’m also in a more spring mood, as the weather in the UK has started to get sunnier and warmer.

Hyuna is a kpop idol who is currently signed with P Nation (Psy’s agency) and her recent comeback was I’m Not Cool. She was previously a member of girl group 4Minute and basically grew Cube Ent. to where it is today. Hyuna is absolutely lovely and very talented. She deserves so much love and I highly recommend her music ♥

Sorry if these pictures aren’t the best quality, they don’t seem the best on the actual site and I don’t know how to make the quality better. For the original photos and article, check out Harper’s Bazaar~

The clothes in this editorial are from the fashion brand Coach 1941.

The angling of this photo gives a cool effect.

The cute daisy jumper (£395) is worn over a shirt and paired with a ‘trench style’ skirt (I couldn’t find this, as the one on the site is very different). I love the bright splash of colour the blue socks from the stylist’s collection brings to the outfit, and these are worn with the khaki Citysole Skate sneakers (£110).

The outfit is then rounded out with an Alie shoulder bag (these rang from £495-£695).

Look at this cutie pie! I love everything about this! The outfit is definitely something I see Hyuna wearing, the set is mismatched (I like how the socks from the stylist’s collection match the paint next to Hyuna) and looks really good as a whole.

The ladybird sweater vest (£495), which looks better on person than on its own, is worn with a trench coat (I couldn’t work out which this one was) and a white skirt which falls just under the knee (£275). The shoes are once again the khaki Citysole Skate sneakers.

THE POUT! So cute ♥

I like aspects about this shot – the different blues are pretty – but not sure about the chair placement. This outfit is simple and cute, with the white skirt we’ve previously seen and a denim jacket. The bag is an oversized version – which I assume is a advertising gimmick/prop – of the Pillow Tabby shoulder bag in brass/green (£495). The white socks are from the stylist’s collection and the sneakers are once again the khaki Citysole Skate sneakers.

This photo is rather over-exposed, especially with the light pastel pink background. The outfit is pretty, I just wish it wasn’t so washed out.

Under the pleated, neck tied dress with cute embroidered floral prints and symbols (£695), is a white t-shirt. I definitely like the blue Citysole Skate sneakers more as the colour is lovely. According to the description Hyuna is also wearing a brooch turned earring, but I couldn’t find it on the site and you can’t really see it clearly in the photo.

In this photo, Hyuna is holding the Swinger bag in Signature Jacquard (£275), the pink Swinger 20 bag (£295) and the 100% recycled Tote 30 (which by the way has a little raccoon on it! If only it didn’t cost £115).

Hyuna is stunning and this shot is beautiful ♥

I love this hairstyle on her and the ladybird sweater vest is from a previous photo.

side note: daisies are my favourite flower and the big daisies are the best!

I really like the set colours and pieces in this photo, which works great with Hyuna’s position and outfit.

I love this Trompe L’oeil Short Sleeve Dress in peach and green (£495). I also really like the pairing with the Willis top handle 18 bag – it’s not on the site yet, but it’s so cute and knowing it probably costs hundreds of pounds makes me sad. The socks are once again from the stylist’s collection.


Coach 1941

The clothes in this editorial are from Coach 1941 (an expansion of the American fashion house Coach).


  • Editor: Yoon Hye Young (윤혜영)
  • Photographer: Jii Young Gyun (주용균)
  • Stylist: Ahn Doo Ho (안두호)
  • Hair: Shin Hyo Jung (신효정)
  • Makeup: Park Min Ah (박민아)
  • Nails: Byun Ha Nal (변하날)
  • Set: Han Song I (한송이)
  • Assistant: Kim Kyung Hoo (김경후)

Stan Hyuna!

Thanks for reading~

I hope you’re having a lovely day and staying safe ♥


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