I Listened to TWICE’s Discography πŸŽ§

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As the title says I listened to the discography of Twice! (And is my second in this sort of series as I did Monsta X a few months ago) β™₯

Twice is a 9 member girl group from JYP entertainment who debuted in 2015 after being formed on survival competition Sixteen. As of now, they have released 9 mini albums, 1 full studio album, 2 Japanese compilation albums, 2 Japanese full studio albums and 6 Japanese 2 tracked singles.

Member Postions:

  • Jihyo: Leader + Main Vocalist
  • Nayeon: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer + Centre
  • Jeongyeon: Lead Vocalist
  • Momo: Main Dancer, Sub Vocalist + Sub Rapper
  • Sana: Sub Vocalist
  • Mina: Main Dancer + Sub Vocalist
  • Dahyun: Lead Rapper + Sub Vocalist
  • Chaeyoung: Main Rapper + Sub Vocalist
  • Tzuyu: Lead Dancer, Sub Vocalist, Visual + Maknae

(this specific information came from KProfiles β™₯)

I used a few sources, and hopefully, I didn’t miss anything by accident. For the Korean albums, I’d check out Twice’s official site here – as they often have translations to the backstory or concept of the albums.

This is a long one! And my technical terms are… not so technical πŸ˜… but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless and learn about some lesser known tracks that you’ll love β™₯

I’ve split the discography into 3 sections: Korean Albums, Japanese Albums and Japanese Singles+ Compilation Albums. They are all in year release order and I thought this would be easier to take in a lot of information. All songs named are linked to either the video or official audio on YT. Our girls are busy!

Korean Albums


2015 saw Twice’s debut with their first mini album: The Story Begins. It was released 20.10.2015 and has 6 songs.

The Story Begins was rather consistent in genre; upbeat and pop, with some ballad elements. It’s not overall a great album – a lot of the vocals kept getting lost in the beats/production – and it felt “safe” for a debut.

I only really enjoyed 3 songs. LIKE OOH-AAH, the title track has grown on me so much! It’s cute, catchy and has good vocals. Dahyun and Chaeyoung’s rap duet is my favourite part. Truth has a cool beat and pace with a strong opening. This song has my favourite vocals and harmonies in this album, but I will say that the ending is a bit strung out. Lastly, Candy Boy has a really cool army drum beat and there were some really strong vocals. I did see people in the comments saying this song is better sped up, but I like the pace it has – this one could also have had a stronger ending.


Page Two is Twice’s 2nd mini album which was released on 25.04.2016 and has 7 songs. Personally, I feel that they should have waited and released this album as their debut because it’s so much better!

Cheer Up is a great title track. It has different styles throughout, but is still cohesive. It’s fun and I’m kind of sad every time it ends because I want more! Also Mina β™₯

We then have a not so great ballad, which is oddly placed within this album. I think it was unnecessary to add. Then the 4 songs after are wonderful: Touchdown – is a cool, energetic song that opens with such a catchy chorus! Fantastic! Tuk Tok (νˆ­ν•˜λ©΄ 톑) – is both chill and energetic. It took a little getting used to because of the different paces, but overall it’s a cool song! Woohoo – is a mix of softer hip hop and Twice’s style. The vocals are so good and I think this might just be me, but the chorus reminds me of Block B’s Her. Anyone? And lastly we have My Headphones On (Headphone 써) which is confident and has a chant/cheer style which is fun to sing along to. I will say the album ends on a weird electronic note which I wasn’t expecting. However, overall it’s a pretty solid mini album.

The third mini album TWICEcoaster: Lane 1 was released on 24.10.2016 and then repackaged in Feb 2017 with 3 extra songs to the original 7.

The Title track is originally TT, which I’ve talked about in several Twice posts and of which I wasn’t a fan of to begin with. But it has grown on me so much! It’s fun and energetic, just like the repackage title track of Knock Knock. I will say I love the latter more! β™₯ Oh and there is a remix of TT… yeah, no thank you.

The album is overall a lovely piece. There are so many sweet songs, however, I don’t really find a lot of them memorable. I enjoyed the pop and rock instrumental elements of Ponytail. Pit-A-Pat is cute and refreshing and Next Page is cool and sweet.

The ones that did really stand out apart from the super upbeat title tracks were Jelly Jelly and One in a Million. Jelly Jelly is cute with an uptempo and smooth feeling. And the chorus is catchy! Meanwhile, One in a Million is such a strong song to end an album on. Its positive and and an upbeat ballad which I love and the vocals are great (especially from Jihyo and Nayeon).


Signal is Twice’s 4th mini album which was released on 15.05.2017 and has 6 songs.

The title track is Signal is a bop and the video is absolutely adorable! And because of the title track I went into this album with pretty good expectations… A lot of the songs felt over produced and just too busy. I liked the chorus in Eye Eye Eyes, but the only song I actually really liked was Someone Like Me. It’s such a calming ballad and as soon as Chaeyoung opened I was like “this is going to be good!” I loved Mina’s parts too β™₯

So, overall, it was a super disappointing album.

October 2017 saw the release of Twice’s first full length album – Twicetagram – which contains 12 songs. It was repackaged the same year in December adding another two. This is the first album where the members of Twice participated in the lyrics of several songs.

The title track Likey is cute, catchy and super fun to sing along to. And talking of catchy and fun, Heart Shaker is one of my favourites because it makes me happy instantly! After a super energetic start, we move into pretty songs β™₯ Merry & Happy from the repackage is a cute Christmas song that makes me smile every time I hear it. Turtle (거뢁이) is a lovely spring ballad and I really like Tzuyu’s vocals here; everyone sounds good in Missing U and it has a fun beat to bob along to.

And then we get two great upbeat songs. Wow is amazing! The vocals are on point and it has an almost Mamamoo vibe, in that it’s retro and pop r&b. Definitely one of my favourite songs on the album and so far. And then we have 24/7 which is uplifting and fun.

I will say that the middle of the album is a tad weak. This isn’t really to do with the vocals, it’s more the song composition and lyrics.

But then we end with some lovely songs! You in my Heart (널 λ‚΄κ²Œ λ‹΄μ•„) is sweet and well sung. I don’t mean to compare again – and this isn’t a bad thing – but this song reminded me of SNSD and the early girl group ballads which are really soothing. And then we end the album with Jaljayo Good Night (μž˜μžμš” κ΅Ώλ‚˜μž‡) and thus on such a comforting and satisfying note.


What is Love? is the 5th mini album released on 9.4.2018 with 6 songs and then repackaged in the July of the same year, adding three new ones. Personally, this is the album where you can see the growth of all the members vocals β™₯

We open with the title track – What is Love? – which is really cute. And then we go into Sweet Talker which is cool, but with the dash of Twice sweetness. Also Sana is too cute haha β™₯ And then we’re thrown into Ho! and this retro style fits Jihyo’s voice so well! And surprisingly Tzuyu’s also! And then we have more cool with Deja Vu! And I mean cool, because we open with the rappers! This song switches from the raps to vocals really naturally. I would have preferred it without the dubstep break in the middle though…

I will say the ending of the album is slightly disappointing, but it is kind of cool that Stuck has the same chorus tune as What is Love? so we come full circle.

And then the repackage throws in the summer fantasy and I’m here for it! I especially loved Chillax! It has the same beach vibes as Dance the Night Away, but I like the beat more and as a procrastinator the lyrics of Chillax speak to me πŸ˜‚

Yes or Yes is the 6th mini album and was released on 5.11.18 and repackaged in December to add 2 more songs to the original 7. I’m not going to lie, this album was a disappointment.

I really like Yes or Yes, I listen to it basically every day. It’s fun and cute! On the flip side, I really like Chaeyoung’s penned Young & Wild. It’s cool, uplifting and confident. And then Jihyo’s penned song – Sunset – is really pretty~ Momo and Nayeon sound so beautiful!

Lastly, the two songs added in The Year of Yes repackagae are my favourites. The Best Thing I Ever Did is pretty and nostalgic, while Be As ONE is absolutely beautiful. It’s a re-release of the Japanese track.


April saw the release of Twice’s 7th mini album – Fancy – which has 6 songs.

Fancy is their best album! Every single song is great and utilises every vocal and experiments with a much more mature and cool sound. Fancy has a fun techno beat, with the slight cuteness of Twice. And then we go into Stuck in my Head which has an edge. Girls Like Us is pretty and uplifting – as the vocals can be a tad soft in this song I wish the music could have been quieter. Momo’s penned Hot! is an absolute bop! It’s upbeat and stylish, as is Strawberry. And lastly Turn it Up is fun pop dance song!

This album is brimming with talent and we love to see it!

Later in the year we saw the release of the 8th mini album – Feel Special – on 23.9.2019. It has 7 songs, one of which is a Korean version of Japanese single Breakthrough.

While, it’s not my favourite, I do want to give Twice credit for still experimenting and there are some gems β™₯ Feel Special is a great song. It has a fun beat, the vocals are great and it makes me feel both cute and classy πŸ˜‚ Get Loud is a new favourite. While the beat is somewhat busy, it still allows for the vocals to shine and oh boy do they do just that!! And lastly, Breakthrough is probably in my top 5 favourite Twice songs and it slaps as hard in Korean as it does in Japanese! β™₯


The 9th mini album – More & More – is Twice’s most recent comeback and was released on 1.6.2020 with 7 tracks.

This is an album that has a strange flow and I will say I’m only a fan of a few songs. I wasn’t to much of a fan of More & More, but weirdly it’s grown on me and I think I like it (?) πŸ˜‚ Next is Oxygen, which has good vocals and the sweetness of Twice. Some of the music was interesting in places, but annoying in others…

Nayeon’s penned Make Me Go has a confident and deeper tone to it that I enjoyed. And then Shadow is my favourite song on the album by far! All the vocals are great but Jihyo’s chorus and Momo stood out β™₯ And the 80’s synthesiser underneath is cool. Lastly, Sweet Summer Day written by Jeongyeon and Chaeyoung got more fun and fresh the more you listened and gave me cute beach vibes~

Japanese Albums


BDZ is Twice’s 1st Japanese album and was released on 12.9.2018 and repackaged in the December. Overall it contains 12 songs, 5 already released singles.

For their first Japanese album, this is really strong, if a little weirdly structured. BDZ opens with a cool song that has the addition of Twice cuteness. Tzuyu’s part is catchy and fun to sing to. And then we go into a cute energetic One More Time with a dash of cool from Chaeyoung and Dahyun’s parts! Next we go full on anime cutesy in Candy Pop.

Say it Again is an upbeat pop dance song that makes me so happy when I hear it. The vocals are great and has a distinctive Twice feel. And then Wake Me Up is upbeat and uplifting. I makes me pumped to do something and be better! β™₯ And then we got an English cover of the Jackson 5’s I Want You Back which had previously been released as a single. They sound great and you can tell they’ve worked hard on the pronunciation. I especially liked Jihyo and Mina’s vocals β™₯

Lastly, I enjoyed the two ballad type songs on the album. Be as ONE on this album is the original and it’s so pretty. Both versions are and it’s honestly up to your preference of language on which you like better~ And Stay By My Side is just sweet and lovely to listen to.


Twice’s 2nd Japanese album – &Twice – was released on 18.10.2019 and repackaged this year’s February adding another track to the 10 original.

I have gone through this album and ranked the songs in order of my favourites, so definitely check that out here for more thoughts. Overall I found this album to be pretty good, it’s just a shame that quite a few songs were let down by the music. My favourites from the album were obviously Breakthrough, Fake & True and What You Waiting For β™₯

Japanese Singles + Compilations

Twice don’t have singles in Korea, however, this is a different story in Japan. While most of them end up on a full album, a few haven’t and I’ll be going over them quickly here β™₯ And I’m also going to go through the compilation albums that are a selection of Japanese versions of songs and the originals.

The first compilation album – #Twice – was released on 28.6.2017 with 5 songs and their Korean counterparts. Frankly, both versions and my thoughts are pretty similar. While I found the Japanese version of Like Ooh Ahh weaker, I enjoyed Cheer Up, TT and Signal about the same as the originals. I will say that I found Knock Knock to sound so good in Japanese! I’d rather listen to this version.


Luv Me was released on 18.10.2017 with One More Time. It has a nice beat and the chorus is cute!

The next year we saw several singles released, however only one didn’t make it onto an album. Pink Lemonade was released on 16.5.2018 with Wake Me Up. This song took a little getting used to and I felt that it only found its rhythm in the mid to latter half. Again the chorus it super catchy!


The second compilation album – #Twice2 – was released on 6.3.2019 and has 5 Japanese versions and the original Korean songs. As these Korean tracks are wonderful and I really like them, the Japanese versions are rather similar in feel and sound despite the language change. I found that Likey was great in Japanese! As was Heart Shaker. I preferred the chorus for the Korean version of Dance the Night Away, but the J. version was still good. And Yes or Yes is just a fantastic song in general. The J. version sounded weird to me mainly because I listen to this song at least once a day πŸ˜‚

In July of 2019 two original Japanese songs were released as singles and they were joined by two Japanese versions of Korean: The Best Thing I Ever Did and Fancy You.

The Best Thing I Ever Did is such a good song! And I would highly recommend the Korean version. I really enjoyed the Japanese version, I just think it’s just a preference of the language. And that’s how I felt with Fancy as well – I also found the raps to be stronger in Korean.


Lastly, Fanfare was released in June of this year. I like the vocals and the MV is pretty, but it’s very fast paced and the beat tends to overpower the vocals which is always a shame. I did love Chaeyoung and Dahyun’s rap though! β™₯

Twice is expected to have a comeback this month (October) so I’m excited to see what they have in store for us. As well as another Japanese Compilation album – #Twice3.

What are your favourite albums? Do you have a favourite song I haven’t mentioned or did I? Let me know in comments!

Thanks for reading! I hope you’re having a lovely day & staying safe β™₯


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