100% – Beat || MV/Song Review ⚰️ Spooky Edition #1

Spooky Rating: 3.5/5 ⚰️


I want to do something fun for spooky season! Throughout October I will be reviewing spooky kpop videos, but sadly the kings of spook: VIXX won’t be on the list, nor will Sunmi, SHINee, Block B, Red Velvet or Gain. They have fantastic spooky videos and if you haven’t listened to them I would highly recommend them, but they aren’t new to me. I hope you’ll happily meet new artists with me or roll your eyes that I’ve somehow missed your faves! ♥

100% are a kpop boy group formed by Shinhwa’s (♥) Andy Lee under TOP Media and who debuted in September 2012.

‘Beat’ MV was dropped 17.03.2014 and the member lineup was:

  • Chanyong – Main Rapper and Vocalist
  • Rokhyun – Main Vocalist (fellow Aquarius~)
  • Hyukjin – Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer and Maknae
  • Jonghwan – Vocalist
  • Changbum – Main Dancer, Lead Rapper and Vocalist (now a former member)

During this era, Leader Minwoo was doing his military service, returning to the group in 2016. Last year he passed away, but is known as a member for eternity ♥

For more info check out Kprofiles page on 100%


Most of the “story” takes place in a grungy type laboratory. The 100% members are cyborgs trapped in coffin like contraptions. It seems that the woman there is their maker and is somehow implanting fake memories into them (especially Chanyoung who seems to be her favourite). 

Or it could be the opposite way round… I may have just blown my own mind (which isn’t hard to do haha ^^”)

The lyrics have an obsessive feel to them. They are about wanting to go back to the past and meeting someone before they left you. Either way, possessive-ness seems to be a theme.

It’s too late but I wanna go back
I need to be by your side
Even if you ignore me,
I need to follow you till the end
I’ll go backwards in time
Even if you turn your back to me as you walk
I’ll slowly go backwards so you won’t notice me

Knowing me I’m completely wrong! What do you think the story line is?


This video actually looks rather polished. Most of the sets look good and are spacious for the dancing. I also loved seeing the woman just playing with robot parts, it seems even stranger as she is so blasé about the whole thing!

I will say that the white room was a bit jarring at first, but after a few watches and the interspersing of the rooms with the dance moves was a great effect.

I also loved the outfits! They were somewhat reminiscent of uniforms, but with a lot more leather haha I’m not too keen on the harness tank top things, but I may have got too distracted by abs to care :p

There was also a lot of running about which could have been better used for more dancing or just needed better stylising – Big Bang’s Monster comes to mind. And I really don’t like the flashes of the singers in front of a bright logo background. It was so jarring. The dance version mv is a lot more aesthetically pleasing on that front.


The opening of the song was confusing… I mean it was pretty, I really like Chanyong’s voice. However, I watched this video so many times getting pictures and looking at the dance that I thought it would start with more of a punch! Or would be like BAP’s Badman, where DaeHyun sings (best opening of any song ever! fight me) and then Yong Guk smashes in and everything hits the fan!


And this just seemed to be a problem throughout… the chorus was a little ‘cluttered’. Does that make sense? But it definitely lifted up the song and feel.

I liked Jonghwan’s voice, it was a softer rapping style that fit the moment. And when Changbum started rapping! I wish this was the feel throughout the whole song!

Overall, the vocals were okay, but seemed overshadowed by the music, as well as the pacing of the song. I’d be interested to see how their other songs sound.


I really enjoyed the dance. A lot of the moves are strong, powerful and constructed well within the group choreography. Sometimes it did feel a bit choppy, but that might have been in keeping with the ‘cyborg’ theme or due to the editing and use of many sets during the one dance.

I also love when boy groups are on their knees, I think it stems from Rain’s Love Song ♥.♥

Star Ratings:

  • Understandable Story-line: 3/5☆
  • Video Production: 3.5/5☆
  • Vocals: 3/5☆
  • Dance: 4/5☆ 
  • Overall Package: 6.75/10☆

What are your thoughts on Beat by 100%? Do you agree? Or more accurately, do you understand what I mean? 😂

Thanks for watching! I hope you’re having a lovely day~


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