Where I’ve Been and 2017 Resolutions!


I have been seriously neglecting this blog for way too long!! And I really miss recapping and being a part of this community.

Over the past few months where I have been awol, I’ve been trying to deal with my anxiety and university workload. I’m slowly getting there and I am planning to really get myself into a routine that incorporates this blog.

I started a YouTube Channel  and you can always reach me on twitter @dramarambles ^^

I hope you are all well and enjoying your current drama watch! I haven’t watched a kdrama in so long and I’m having withdrawal haha ^^” But that is going to change!

I’m going to do a little self promo (which actually hurts, because I feel so embarrassed, even though I shouldn’t be… *cries* haha) – this is a video about Master’s Sun that I did over on my channel, I hope you like it and I’m going to start doing more of these on a regular basis *fingerscrossed*

Thank you for reading~


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