My Little Lover – Top 5 Moments Of The First Half!

I recently remembered that I saw on Viki that My Little Lover only has 10 episodes, and seeing as I have recapped up to episode 6, it means I can do a Top 5 post!

And it came just in time as I am having serious MLL withdrawals!

So here are my Top 5 Moments (in no particular order):

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My Little Lover Episode 6 Recap โ™ฅ

*Minami-Kun No Koibito – I Know I Can’t Be The One*

This episode wasn’t as great as they have been, but there are some cute moments between our leads and Chiyomi wears some adorable outfits! And those dreams… I thought it was normally the female leads who had the wild and crazy dreams! haha

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My Little Lover Episode 5 Recap โ™ฅ

*Minami-Kun No Koibito – Chiyomi’s Big Adventure*

This episode made me laugh, feel sad and gasp. It was definitely an episode more on secondary characters, but don’t fear, our two leads had some adorable and charming moments together :3

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My Little Lover Episode 4 Recap โ™ฅ

*Minami-Kun No Koibito – Do Your Best Minami-Kun*

Shunichi is fast becoming a cute little pumpkin who isn’t the smartest of male leads I’ve ever seen haha ^^” This episode was breezy and fun, with some added emotional drama thrown in. I’m really loving this little drama so far~

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My Little Lover Episode 3 Recap~

*Minami Kun No Koibito – Lucky Mallet of Love*

It’s Saturday and normally this would be when I uploaded an I Order You recap… but I just wanted to recap this drama so much! With each episode I am loving it more and more โ™ฅ So I Order You will come tomorrow instead.

This episode was cuter than it’s predecessors I thought โ™ฅ

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