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My TBR in Stats || 📊

I learnt how to make pie charts for this! No-one asked for this and no-one cares, but I got a friend to teach me how to use excel for this! (thanks Mel~) Also, making this is guilt-tripping me more into kicking my tbr in the butt! All in all, I have 104 books on my… Continue reading My TBR in Stats || 📊

All About Books

The Fictional Boyfriend Tag 👦

It's time for a fun little tag created by Rachel Reads over on YouTube! Most romantic boyfriend Jem Carstairs (Infernal Devices trilogy - Cassandra Clare) This young man is not alone so sweet and angelic, but he plays the violin and romantic ❤ Dark and moody bad boy with a good side High Lord Akkarin (Magician's Guild Trilogy… Continue reading The Fictional Boyfriend Tag 👦