My Little Lover Episode 6 Recap ♥

*Minami-Kun No Koibito – I Know I Can’t Be The One*

This episode wasn’t as great as they have been, but there are some cute moments between our leads and Chiyomi wears some adorable outfits! And those dreams… I thought it was normally the female leads who had the wild and crazy dreams! haha

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My Little Lover Episode 2 Recap~

*Minami Kun No Koibito – ‘Living Together’*

Sunday has arrived and here is the recap for My Little Lover Episode 2 ♥

This episode went by so quickly! There were a lot of funny moments in this episode and I must say, weirdly, Shunichi is the funniest character at times.

This is becoming a real little treasure of a drama and I hope it continues to entertain me as much as has done so far~

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