Nostalgic Ships || T5W πŸ“š

February is getting romantic~ Today’s Goodreads Prompt: Discuss the first fictional couples you ever got butterflies over, or couples you used to be really into when you were younger. These ships come from books that I read before I reached the age of 14 – so pre-2009. I believe that I’ve talked about several of…… Continue reading Nostalgic Ships || T5W πŸ“š

August Wrap-Up || πŸ“š

I read 13 books this month, which was super unexpected as my 5yr old niece was staying with my family haha HOGFATHER – Terry Pratchett ⭐⭐⭐⭐ I listened to this on audiobook in one sitting today and I just love the narrator of these! I find it difficult to read Pratchett’s work, but audiobooks make…… Continue reading August Wrap-Up || πŸ“š

β˜€ July Reading Plans! πŸ“š

Can I read 15 books in the month of July? I’m in the middle of so many series… I don’t make the best life choices haha ^^” The series in which I only have 1-2 books left are going to be conquered (hopefully) in the month of July~ Let’s Do This! TBR: The Study Trilogy…… Continue reading β˜€ July Reading Plans! πŸ“š