Let’s Break Up ๐Ÿ’” T5W

It’s you, not me haha :p Today’s Goodreads Prompt: Love Interests You Would Have Broken Up With This was so hard! The books I read I tend to really enjoy the love interests… but I wracked my brain and I totally cheated with my answers, but here we go haha ^^”~ 5. Aspen The Selection…… Continue reading Let’s Break Up ๐Ÿ’” T5W

July 2018 || Wrap Up ๐Ÿ“š

Books, books, books! I had planned to read 15 books in July (see post). It was very optimistic, especially as I took a spontaneous trip to Cardiffย haha I ended reading 9 books… of which only 3 were on my July TBR… haha ^^” So what did I read? The Girl Who Played with Fire (#2)…… Continue reading July 2018 || Wrap Up ๐Ÿ“š