Currently πŸ“š and πŸŽ¬

I have finally finished this term of Uni and the Summer awaits (or as close to the Summer as England gets haha ^^”). This means I have free time~ Currently Watching: Another Oh Hae Young I’m about halfway through this drama, and I’m enjoying it at the moment. Oh Hae Young is a fun lead,…… Continue reading Currently πŸ“š and πŸŽ¬

#ReadathonByZoe || πŸ“š

SoΒ #ReadathonByZoe was the 03.03.18, but I don’t have my shit together, so I did it a day late! Skip to weeks later and here are my results haha ^^” So,Β I’ve been in a youtube slump, but I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately, so I wanted to combine these and hopefully my anxiety let’s…… Continue reading #ReadathonByZoe || πŸ“š