BingoAThon Wrap-Up || 12th-18th May 2019

Will I ever be good at ReadAThons? BingoAThon is over and I may have read some books on my tbr, and I may have read books that weren’t… we all know I totally read books not on my tbr! So let’s get started with this wrap up!! Here is the empty board with all of…… Continue reading BingoAThon Wrap-Up || 12th-18th May 2019

#FantasyAThon || TBR πŸ“š

Essays or readathon? Bring on the readathon!! The FantasyAThon is a 10 day readathon from 5th – 15th April. There are 7 Challenges, but fantasies tend to be a lot longer, so I’m not making any grand plans! The 4 books I’ve chosen could even be a challenge! There are 1986 pages in total, so…… Continue reading #FantasyAThon || TBR πŸ“š

Book I Want to Read Before 2019 |πŸ“š| #T5W

I have too many books on my tbr and the end of the year is so close! November 14th: Books You Want to Read Before 2019 –Our Goodreads goals are quickly closing in. What are you prioritizing for the end of the year? I’ve already met my Goodreads goal of 50 books. But I still…… Continue reading Book I Want to Read Before 2019 |πŸ“š| #T5W

#Spookathon || TBR πŸŽƒ

It’s that time of the year again! Spookathon is upon us (also how is October? Wasn’t January like yesterday??) Spookathon is a readathon from October 15th – 21st. It is hosted by three YouTubers: Kayla: BooksandLala Shannon: Bookerly Peter: Peter Likes Books Just 2 things before I get started: I don’t do scary or spooky…… Continue reading #Spookathon || TBR πŸŽƒ