The Tolkien Book Tag πŸ§

This is kind of a shit show lol So my dad really enjoyed it when I asked him some of the questions on the Book Blogger Memory Challenge, so I thought we could do a tag together. My dad likes LOTR and has been moaning at me to read them (I did it dad! Are…… Continue reading The Tolkien Book Tag πŸ§

#FantasyAThon || TBR πŸ“š

Essays or readathon? Bring on the readathon!! The FantasyAThon is a 10 day readathon from 5th – 15th April. There are 7 Challenges, but fantasies tend to be a lot longer, so I’m not making any grand plans! The 4 books I’ve chosen could even be a challenge! There are 1986 pages in total, so…… Continue reading #FantasyAThon || TBR πŸ“š