VIXX LR “Beautiful Liar” MV/Song Review~

This is a sub-unit I did not know I needed, but thank the heavens that it happened! The Story: From what I can gather from watching this video multiple times, is that Leo’s ex-lover gives him a wedding invitation at the beginning. We see that he lets her go, but obviously he still has…… Continue reading VIXX LR “Beautiful Liar” MV/Song Review~

‘07.09.15 – 13.09.15’ Things Will Go To Plan!!

Things have not being going well for me, but even so I have vowed to get some things done for this blog this week! I’m going to try and do things on my phone and also using my dad’s laptop (the clunky dinosaur!). Here are my plans: ☆ Top 5 Romances (done already today) ☆ Top…… Continue reading ‘07.09.15 – 13.09.15’ Things Will Go To Plan!!