Character Profile Part 1 || Sissi πŸ‘©

It’s time to introduce you~ This is one of the better character profiles that I have seen, so I thought it would be so fun to do this with my main characters (I did cut some things out just because I didn’t think they were relevant). This comes from Reedsy and you can check them…… Continue reading Character Profile Part 1 || Sissi πŸ‘©

Creating a Fictional Religion πŸ™

What’s a fantasy world without a religion? In my last writing post about creating a monarchy, I include a religion and the same person –Β Melissa GravitisΒ – who came up with the questions for the monarchy has questions in relation to fictional religions! I’m really excited to start! 1) Is there a god or higher deity?…… Continue reading Creating a Fictional Religion πŸ™

Creating a Fictional Monarchy β™›

Let’s do some fictional creating!~ I fell out of love with writing a few years ago, mainly because I think I suck… BUT I really want to get back into it! I stumbled across a post on pinterest (which is where the pics in this post are from) which led me to Melissa Gravitis’ blog…… Continue reading Creating a Fictional Monarchy β™›