Hiatus Update ♥


Remember to stay up to date with the world, listen to those facing atrocities and help spread awareness/donate where you’re able to.

It’s definitely been a while. I last posted in October with the full intentions to get back into blogging.

It is now December 😅

While it does seem rather redundant to write this down, I will be going on hiatus until January 2023.

I’ve made countless blog posts about how I’m going to be better. I made a post in April of this year outlining how I felt about my blog and the plans for the future called Do I Still Enjoy Blogging?

The short answer is yes. But most, if not all of the feelings I felt all the way back in April still stand. I don’t think I’m that good at blogging, I don’t think my opinions are particularly insightful or interesting, and I currently don’t like the layout of my blog which impacts how much I don’t feel that my blog is worth looking at.

I’m also a giant procrastinator!

This is why I’m putting a lot more thought into what posts I want to create and when for next year. There is the possibility that I might get overwhelmed, but present me is excited!

I think this will also help considering how little free time I have during the week because of work, having a plan will make me more focused 🤞🏻

I want to thank the people who do enjoy my content, it really means a lot to me ♥

Have a lovely and safe December wherever you are and see you in the new year!



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