Favourite Songs Lee Hi Features On πŸ‘‘

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Lee Hi has been known to be called the Feature Queen as she has featured on quite a few varying artist’s songs. I’m using this post to share some of my favourites β™₯ I’ve only included songs that had official releases.

These songs are in no particular order and if an artist appears more than once I have grouped them together.

Party For the Night – Gray ft Loco & Lee Hi

Party for the Night is such a good song! Gray’s rap is cool and steady. Loco is the same, and I love his cute little voice. And Lee Hi’s vocal tone works really well in this upbeat, smooth song. I really like how they showed her vocals off at the tail end as it’s a great way to end the song. The video is also really creative β™₯


κΈ΄ 꿈 (Daydream) – B.I. ft. Lee Hi

Hanbin and Lee Hi’s voices go really well together and we’ve been able to see it several times. This album after his hiatus blessed us with Daydream (the whole Waterfall album is great by the way~) and this style fits them perfectly and it’s such a relaxing listen. I love these loyal besties β™₯

Code Kunst

Lee Hi has done several songs with Code Kunst – most notably the roman numeral series (not sure what to call it lol). Code Kunst is Lee Hi’s fellow labelmate and a strong supporter! It’s so funny to me how they’re so comfortable around each other now, but their first meeting on a HIGHGRND’s song camp was so awkward and Tablo kept having to tell Code Kunst to talk to her πŸ˜‚

His songs tend to highlight her R’n’B style and rich vocals. The composition of his songs are always really interesting and cool.




Epik High

Epik High have treasured Lee Hi since her debut and they have given her so many opportunities to get exposure and make music. Mithra Jin said that they have great compatibility with Lee Hi and that they match well. In interviews and random clips they definitely all have a brotherly friendship with her which is so cute.

I especially enjoy when their songs utilise Lee Hi in an eerily beautiful way as you can tell from the songs below.

μΆ₯λ‹€ (It’s Cold)


Here Come The Regrets


Rich Kids Anthem

What’s your favourite song Lee Hi features on? Is yours on the list?

Thanks for reading!

I hope you’re having a lovely day and staying safe β™₯


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