SUNMI x Marie Claire Kr ☀

SUNMI meets MAX MARA || 02.2022

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Sunmi, former member of JYP’s Wonder Girls, continues to experiment with her music, style and aesthetic – all under the umbrella of Sunmi-pop.

In this editorial in Marie Claire Korea, Sunmi showcases items from Max Mara’s latest collection.

You can view the original article here~

I’m not sure how I feel about this outfit… the photo, colours and pose are great, but the denim tube top (£220) and high waist yellow briefs are an odd combo. It’s the look straight from the runway/collection photographs, and apart from the demin jacket which is really cool (£825) I don’t really like the outfit. The shorts (£335) also have an odd cut to them which makes them look rather clunky.

I do like the pose and Sunmi looks cool in the denim jacket and tube top combo~

While we don’t get to see much of the clothes in this photo, I still really like Sunmi’s pose on the chair – it’s a little awkward but it works with her aesthetic.

Sunmi is wearing a long cotton jacket (£1,120) over a cotton and lycra bandeau top (£90). She is also wearing a skirt. For footwear, Sunmi is wearing “fisherman” heeled sandals (£625).

I know it’s all lighting and it’s just a blank white studio, but this photo does have a warm quality!

Sunmi looks like a wealthy lady in the oversized “101801 light edition” coat (£1,360) over a cotton shirt (£335) and cotton trousers in the colour silk (£315). In this photo you can see the “fisherman” heeled sandals in full.

The two leather bags are from the Whitney collection (£865 each).

Sunmi reminds me of a swan in this photo and it’s actually rather cute ♥

While we are unable to see it, Sunmi is wearing a tube top and briefs under this mesh jersey fabric dress (£335) that has a deep side slit utilised in this picture.

I love this picture so much!

Sunmi looks precious and beautiful and the outfit is really cool. We love stylish Velma vibes~

Sunmi is wearing a mesh jersey crop top (£175) and I really like how they’ve incorporated the logo in this item. With this, Sunmi is wearing the “cotton gabardine” skirt (£295) and in this instance the orange brief aspect suits the outfit and gives more dimension to the skirt.


Editor: Kim Ji Soo (김 지수) + Kim Sun Hee (김 선희) || Photography: Yoon Song I (윤송이)

Hair: Jung Da Bin (정다빈(우선)) || Styling: Lee Ji Eun (이지은) || Makeup: Park Sun Mi (박선미(고바이씬))

Prop Styling: Kim Min Joo (김민주)


Max Mara

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I hope that you’re having a lovely day and staying safe ♥


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