KPOP Girl Groups || Bracket Games β™₯


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I see this type of game on twitter – especially when it comes to Kdramas – but I saw these templates on loy.on.mars instagram and thought it would be fun to share these with you.

I really liked the fact that this creator chose to pick a group from the big 3 and it truly showcases the different types of girl group music that is so readily available to us and I’m so grateful I got introduced kpop to listen and watch these talented people on my screen every day (I would love to see them in concert but covid is actually so scary to me that a huge crowd of people makes me ill πŸ˜…).


Twice is the group that I listen to the most and I’ve listened to nearly all of their discography.

The first bracket was easy as while I do like What is Love, TT is just too iconic to lose in this situation. It went up against Fancy (which won over Likey – I’m not overly fond of this song) and again it lost because TT is just so good!

For the opposing first bracket we see an easy win for Heart Shaker against Knock Knock. The latter is a cute song, but Heart Shaker fills me genuine joy whenever I hear it β™₯ This is also the case with CHEER UP which beats Feel Special. But, Heart Shaker was an easy pick for the winner.

TT vs Heart Shaker is a tough one, but ultimately Heart Shaker wins!


Red Velvet is the group with the best concepts out of the three.

Psycho won the first bracket quite easily, but going up against Peek-A-Boo (which won against Zimzalabim – which is a song I don’t like) was a hard choice. I really like both songs, but ultimately Psycho won as the vocals are so beautiful and there is a classy sexiness about the song that I love.

The opposing brackets were a lot easier to choose. I’m not overly fond of Russian Roulette, so Red Flavor (which is a great song and my first introduction to the group) easily won. It then went up against Dumb Dumb, as while I do like Ice Cream Cake, I find Dumb Dumb so cute (and I sing it to my dog all the time).

Psycho vs Dumb Dumb saw my deep love for darker concepts that are cool/sexy and you don’t need the visuals (stunning though they are) to get that impression when you listen to the song.


Blackpink are a group that I always mean to get more into. I think I know more about the members than their actual music…

The first bracket saw an easy win for DDU-DU DDU-DU. And while I do really like BOOMBAYAH, I think the former song showcases their vocals better. I think the music is also more catchy and engaging.

The opposing bracket saw more songs that have a ballad aspect. I will saw I do like STAY, but Kill This Love is a lot stronger of a song and perfectly highlight’s the members vocals. It went up against WHISTLE (which easily beat Playing With Fire – as this song doesn’t really seem right for them) and again I listened to these song multiple times and Kill This Love is wonderful β™₯

DDU-DU DDU-DU vs Kill This Love was actually quite difficult. The former is a solid song and has a super memorable chorus. Ultimately, Kill This Love won and has probably become my second favourite Blackpink song – Lovesick Girls would have won if it were here β™₯

Do you agree with me? Or do you think different songs should have won? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading!

I hope you’re having a lovely day and staying safe β™₯


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