EXID || Favourite Promo Looks ♥


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I’ve done this several times – with EXO and TWICE – so I thought it would be fun to have a look at EXID’s promo looks.

And I have to say I think some of the individual promo pictures don’t do the member’s any justice in some cases.

I do however, think that the groups shots are great and I have included my favourites before we get into each member (I have only included 5 members as I don’t really like any of the looks from Holla or Hippity Hop):

order of comeback: Ah Yeah || Hot Pink || I Love You || Trouble || Bad Girl For You || B.L.E.S.S.E.D


Top Row: Ah Yeah || Hot Pink || Street – Bottom Row: Full Moon || I Love You || We

Solji has had some stunning looks. I really like the red hair on her. And the styling for both Ah Yeah and Full Moon are probably my favourite out of her six looks I like the most. I also think she suit the blonde and would have liked to have seen this in more than one era.


Top Row: Every Night || Up&Down || Ah Yeah || Street – Bottom Row: Full Moon || Lady || I Love You || We

Personally, I think that LE gets the best looks in nearly every comeback. I love every hairstyle in these pictures, my favourites being the simple updo in Every Night, the messy half up/half down space bun look in Full Moon, the Ombré in Lady and most of all the short blonde moment in I Love You ♥


Top Row: Every Night || Up&Down || Ah Yeah || Hot Pink – Bottom Row: Eclipse || Lady || Up&Down J.ver || I Love You

Hani is another member who for the most part gets styled well. I will say that most of her hair colours are similar – ranging from brown to red. I do really like the burnt reddish colour, and the green suited her really well too.

Hani always has great outfits, which you can see above – she’s not wearing one thing that doesn’t suit her.


Top Row: Every Night || Up&Down || Ah Yeah – Bottom Row: Hot Pink || Eclipse || We

Hyelin is so pretty and I wish they styled her a bit better. I think she suits short hair so much, but I do really like her longer hair – especially in the rich auburn colour we see in Every Night and Up&Down.

As I said, I think the overall styling could be better for Hyelin, but my favourite in these pictures is definitely the super pretty purple suit and beret from Eclipse.


Top Row: Ah Yeah || Hot Pink || Eclipse – Bottom Row: Lady || Up&Down J.ver || I Love You

If we were only looking at my favourite promo looks of Jeonghwa, she would be second in terms of best looks after LE. She has very versatile and beautiful features which means that she is able to have many different looks.

Hot Pink’s cool styling and purple Ombré and I Love You’s short brown hair are my favourites ♥

What are your favourite looks? Do you have a favourite era?

Thanks for reading!

I hope you’re having a lovely day and staying safe ♥


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