My TBR in Stats || πŸ“Š 2021

Where I re-learn how to make pie charts

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I have done this type of post for three years running now. I did the first TBR in Stats in 2019 and the second in 2020.

It’s fun to see the changes, and obviously a bit embarrassing to see the same books still here πŸ˜…

Age Range

In 2020, I had a lot less children/teen books. And, while I do think I have more of this age range, I just think more books should be in this category rather than in young adult. Quite a few books I looked up that have main characters that are 16 and even younger were classified as YA… these are children and attaching ‘adult’ to these ages makes me feel weird. Which is why I’ve changed their age range for my own personal reference and has boosted the numbers.

Children/Teen: 19 (21%) || Young Adult: 39 (43%) || Adult: 33 (36%)


This isn’t really a surprise to me. Fantasy, especially urban fantasy, is my favourite genre – so it makes sense that it make up over 50% of my books.

Some of these I was unsure of as to how to categorise, so the historical mystery, historical paranormal and historical sci-fi could be just classified as Historical? But I don’t know… Even so, I only have one of each of these anyway, so it doesn’t really matter πŸ˜…

Fantasy: 41 || Urban Fantasy: 18 || Sci-Fi: 8 || Dystopian: 6 || Fiction: 5 || Classic: 4

The rest of the categories also have just one book each.

Release Date

The first time I did this post, the highest number of unread books was from 2016… and it barely got beaten by 2019 this time. Next year, there are going to be no 2016 releases! (maybe :p)

In this graph I didn’t include my Shakespeare collections as that would be too much data added to an already quite full bar graph. I would also like to read more Shakespeare, so he may not make an appearance next year (or at least not all three volumes).


Currently Reading

Thank you for reading!

I hope you’re having a lovely day and staying safe β™₯


3 thoughts on “My TBR in Stats || πŸ“Š 2021

  1. Ooh I love this way of showing your TBR! I’m planning on doing something similar in the New Year, do you mind if I take your idea of using stats too? I’ll give credit of course hehe.

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