Wi Ha Joon x Dazed Korea ⭐

FOR US STYLED BY T || 03.11.21

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Wi Ha Joon is a Korean actor and model. He has gained international fame due to Squid Game (2021), but is also known for his film work and from series such as Romance is a Bonus Book and 18 Again. His newest project – Bad and Crazy – where he stars opposite Lee Dong Wook will start airing on the 17th of December.

You can view the original article on Dazed Korea. This editorial is sponsored by Tiffany & Co.

Absolutely stunning!

Wi Ha Joon is wearing a black draped turtleneck (270,000원/around £170) which looks so much better in this picture than on the model. I think the lighting and angle makes this top look so much richer in texture and pattern.

The butterfly brooch is set with 2.62 carat diamonds. He is wearing a Tiffany T 18K white gold ring and a Tiffany T1 ring. The bracelet features the vertical T design.

A beautiful profile~

Wi Ha Joon is wearing the Lev Khesin Alessandro suit from Berluti (I couldn’t find any prices on the website, so I think that’s only available on request or in store).

He is wearing a Tiffany & Co. 18K Schlumberger Paris flame brooch (couldn’t find, but a similar brooch is £14,000… wow!). The rings include a Tiffany T true 8MM (£2150), a Tiffany True pavé set (£5325) and three Tiffany T1 rings. The bangles are also from the Tiffany T1 collection. These pieces of jewellery are in gold and rose gold.

side note: this dog statue is so pretty!

I got so confused about this outfit until I read the description that Wi Ha Joon is wearing a bolero vest button shirt (the ways you can wear this are so cool – 85,000원/around £55) from Must Go On. The trousers are from the stylist’s collection.

The rings and bracelets are from the Tiffany T collection.

We love a sleeveless moment!

Wi Ha Joon is wearing a white sleeveless shirt from the stylist’s collection. And we can see that he is again wearing the Tiffany Schlumberger Paris flame brooch. As well as the rings and bangles from the Tiffany T1 collection.

Again, Wi Ha Joon showing off his stunning profile ♥

In this photo, you can see the items in a previous shot in a more flattering and natural pose. Wi Ha Joon’s body shape is complemented by the MGO top, and the stylist’s trousers fit him well.

Wi Ha Joon looks so casually sexy here. And while his right hand is oddly held in the air, it has a softness that I like.

The suit is from Off-White™ – mostly wool double breasted blazer (£1545) and trousers. The white vest top is from the stylist’s collection. It looks very comfortable, but does look too oversized for him and might look odd if he wasn’t sat down in this pose.

Again, the jewellery is again from the Tiffany T collection. He is also wearing the gold 8K T1 Circle Pendant (£6025).


Visual Director: Hyun Kukseon
Editor: Jang Yurok 
Fashion: Kim Jungmi
Photography: Kim Yeongjun
Hair: Park Ha
Makeup: Lee Boryeon 


HYEIN SEO || Berluti || Must Go On || Off-White™

Thank you for reading!

I hope that you’re having a lovely day and staying safe ♥


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