Insta Like An Idol: Moonbyul πŸŒ™


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Most idols use Instagram and while I have ignored the platform for months, I decided posting like an idol would be a fun blog idea. I have seen YouTube videos of people dressing like an idol for a week and I think that’s cool too, but I’m not really equipped with the technology or confidence for that. Instead, I went into this slowly and with someone whose style in these pictures is a bit more laid back.

I also have no friends to take pictures of me, especially as I hate getting my picture taken anyway… you will see that I cannot pose to save my life πŸ˜…

However, even if the pictures aren’t that similar in some instances, I’m actually really proud of myself. I awkwardly took pictures of myself outside, and full body! Thank the heavens for the feature on my phone where I just hold up my hand and it times down for the snap.

Moonbyul is the main rapper of girl group Mamamoo which debuted in 2014. She is a multi-talented singer, songwriter, dancer and radio host.

In 2018, Moonbyul debuted as a solo artist with the single “Selfish” – featuring Red Velvet’s Seulgi. Her debut EP, Dark Side of the Moon, was released in 2020.

I’ve loved Mamamoo’s songs and members for a couple of years and they each have fantastic solo projects! β™₯

Moonbyul’s insta: @mo_onbyul


There is something that I really love about Moonbyul’s picture and I’m not really sure how to explain it.

I have never owned a knitted vest and I went to Primark and there was only one red/orangey one and it was my size!! I’ve never felt so certain that I should be doing this challenge as I did in that moment. Also, this is probably my favourite photo of the four. It took a while to understand how Moonbyul had her hand and leg positioned and I didn’t get it quite right, but I still really like the overall end result despite not being as bright.

The accessories part of the outfit make me a little sad. I was looking everywhere for a bracelet making kit, but I couldn’t find one. I even ventured into the abyss that is Claire’s Accessories to see if they had some premade ones similar to those in the photo, but no luck there… so I went to H&M and got the bracelet and tiny scrunchies as a substitute. I’m also not a necklace wearer, but for the photo, I got a Blackpink necklace from H&M and while it’s not Mamamoo merch, it’s still supporting a girl group and supporting women is a Mamamoo trait.


I liked this photo in that it’s not something I would ever choose to do. I’m a jumper and jeans kind of girl, the only thing I don’t have is whatever Moonbyul is wearing underneath… Is it a super long shirt? A skirt? I don’t know, so I just didn’t include it. I do think it might have made the shot a bit more dynamic than mine, but I don’t hate it. I did have a hard time taking the photo, my dog and neighbours must have thought I was going insane in my garden πŸ˜‚

There’s a lot more foliage in my photo as I have a huge oak tree at the bottom of my garden that will invade every photo and the day I took the photo was an okay day in a week of some rubbish British autumn weather.

I also didn’t wear a cap, because it makes me look stupid and I wish I had those cute masks, but I just have a box of the regular blue “surgical” ones. I also was wearing a necklace in the first picture, but my body and the angle I was stood at hid it πŸ˜…


This one, I wish was better. Especially as it took the most courage to actually do. We don’t have the kind of backdrop in my area that is in Moonbyul’s photo. However, the smart cookie that I am saw stones and thought – “I live in England, we have castles… that should work” and did it? I’m not so sure.

I wish it was sunnier like in Moonbyul’s photo, however, it suddenly got so overcast and I’d gone there specially that day to take the photo. And this is probably the one that looks least similar out of the four photos. I don’t like how my hair is and I got confused with the pose – what a shock. Also, can someone teach me how to wear a beanie? Is it supposed to stick up like I have it? I don’t wear hats and I wore this all day not knowing if I looked like a complete idiot or not πŸ˜‚

This photo is the one I’m most proud of myself doing though, so there’s something good I can take away from it.


This was the one I wanted to work out a lot better than it did. I specifically bought all the components of this outfit (minus the little jacket draped over Moonbyul’s thigh) and I thought, “you know what – you’re feeling a bit better in your body image, this will look cool!”

I don’t look cool at all… *sad times*

I feel like everything about my body posture and pose doesn’t exude the same feeling as Moonbyul’s photo. Her stairwell is also better lit than the one I used on campus and I’m sure she wasn’t propping her phone up by her backpack. Side note: I have such a round face that the hand placement looks so awkward. Love that for me πŸ˜…

Overall, I think this was a fun little challenge for myself. I wore some pieces of clothing that I wouldn’t necessarily wear if I hadn’t been doing it and I went outside my comfort zone in both taking different types of photos and having them displayed on insta and here.

If you would like to follow me on instagram, my handle is @imaginary_metamorphosis.

I’m planning on doing another one of these, and if you have any suggestions of an idol or actor (female or male) then let me know in the comments!

Thank you for reading!

I hope you’re having a lovely day and staying safe β™₯

4 thoughts on “Insta Like An Idol: Moonbyul πŸŒ™

  1. Aaah I love MAMAMOO too!! I’ve only recently started listening to their songs but I just like the songs and the members so so much. This is such a fun post!! You should totally be proud of yourself!

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